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Integral Exploration Group - Brisbane, Australia

Last post 11-30-2006, 1:23 AM by worldview. 0 replies.
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    Integral Exploration Group - Brisbane, Australia

    This is a forum for Integral thinkers in the greater Brisbane area to meet and connect.


    The Integral wave is building like an ethereal tsunami that is quietly drenching the world with tolerance, compassion, understanding and hope for the future. How this impacts on each of us is of course a matter of our own choosing, but Integral theory suggests that together, as a community, our first task is to support each other in our unique and individual quests to manifest a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. As a community, we also create the opportunity to ignite collective change towards a more inclusive, compassionate society. To form a coherent community, we examine the real-life implications of the AQAL model and in doing so, we build our shared understanding that may eventually transform into our common purpose.


    But before all of this, we must come together to explore how it feels and to sit in the experience of each other's company. I invite you to attend our next Integral gathering (usually every 2 weeks in the West End on a Wednesday night) and to just sit and see how it feels and decide then if you will express your needs, your hopes and your dreams for a more integrally informed world. 


    Send an email to for information on how to join the mailing list we use for intra-community communication. If for any reason that doesn't work, email me directly at



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