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Update on Ken's Health

Last post 12-27-2006, 6:01 PM by Castel. 169 replies.
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  •  08-01-2006, 8:33 AM 2718 in reply to 2714

    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    Music [8]Music [8]Music [8]Music [8]Left Hug [{]
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  •  08-01-2006, 8:45 AM 2721 in reply to 2663

    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    For You Ken,

    "But there are some great souls who know me: their refuge is my own divine nature. They love me with a oneness of love: they know that I am the source of all.

    They praise me with devotion, they praise me for ever and  ever. Their vows are strong; their harmony is ever one; and they worship me with their love.

    Others worship me, and work for me, with the sacrifice of spiritual vision. They worship me as One and as many, because they see that all is in me.

    For I am the sacrifice and the offering, the sacred gift and the sacred plant. I am the holy words, the holy food, the holy fire, and the offering that is made in the fire."

    Gita: 9:13-16

    With Hearfelt Wishes and Tonglen Thoughts For Your Recovery....


    "Life is like stepping onto a boat that is about to sail out to sea and sink".

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  •  08-01-2006, 8:58 AM 2723 in reply to 2663

    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    My dearest Ken,

    I should tell you that my "highest self" is being a mother. Becoming a mother changed me in profound ways, and was, and is, the thing in my life that has created the most spiritual growth for me. I'm the mother of a boy who was mildly autistic, though he has recovered to the point of not having a diagnosis, due to our biomedical interventions.

    I had to navigate the medical maze many times, and learned much that is wrong with it, as well as finding a few gems. It's a system based on a world paradigm that's 200 years old, and it is in dire need of a total revolution in perpective, as you most certainly already know. I learned how to manage my own and my family's health instead of relying on medical people telling me what to do, and it saved my son's life.

    So when I ask the next questions, it may really piss some people off, but these are questions that I've learned to ask from painful experience, and have been asking myself about you for some time. These are questions from my mother lioness self, from my future naturopathic physician self, from my god-the-world-needs-you, don't mess-this-up self.

    This is the second fall that has caused you a great deal of physical damage, that we know of. My guess is that there have been several more that we don't. This is clearly a problem. Why are you alone? It seems to me that you need assistance at night at the very least.

    You're well known for being incredibly productive. If that productivity is in part due to you neglecting your health, I hope you can take a step back and see that we need you alive more than we need you at the latest seminar. I also hope that you are regularly seeing some practioner/s who really has a handle on your contiditon and is helping you. If not, dammit, keep looking.

    I've asked this question in various places before, but have never gotten a definitive response. Are you taking low dose Naltrexone (LDN)? This is a drug that was devleoped as an opiate blocker for addicts, but has been found in low doses to be very effective in helping and even reversing the damage done to the body by auto-immune disorders such as lupus, MS, autism, Crohn's disease, etc.

    Unfortunately, nearly everyone I tell this doesn't follow through on it, because they think that somehow their own doctor would know about this if it were the case. But their own doctor often only knows about what the drug companies are currently making hefty profits on, and not necessarily what works. So this drug that could be helping millions is languishing on the shelf. Please look into it if you haven't already. I understand your condition is in an advanced state, but even MS patients who have been severely affected can have the disease process halted.

    I'm shedding tears as I write this: you need to take better care of yourself. We need you, and you're not doing a good enough job of it at the moment. What happens the next time you fall? I don't even want to think about it. Yes, you're tough, you're buff, you're fabulous. We get it. You take care of your muscles and your soul (and everyone else's) and your life's work, but what about, y'know, your liver and ribs and shoulders and shit? (That bruise has me worried about your pancreas.) Now please, accept some more help so that you can continue to do your important work, ok?

    I took care of my father after he had a motorcycle accident. The only reason he's not dead is that he was wearing a helmet. He was massively bruised everywhere from rolling and sliding over 100 feet of pavement and gravel. He didn't look as bad as you do. Pride goeth before a fall, old man. Do us all a favor and let someone take care of you so that you can continue to shepherd this incredibly important and fragile new movement. PLEASE????

    Finally, I want to say that, certainly in one sense, this is none of my damn business. We have never met and I'm not a personal friend of yours. But in another, it is, because there are so many of us whose lives you've saved already. I know you've heard this so many times before, but your writing tossed me a lifeline. I feel I'd be wrong to not act on my concerns for you. I owe you an enormous debt.

    With great love and deepest respect,


    Enlightenment is like getting old-it's not for sissies, but it beats the alternative.
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  •  08-01-2006, 9:18 AM 2726 in reply to 2723

    • geomo is not online. Last active: 12-11-2006, 7:41 AM geomo
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    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    The thought occurred to me this morning, "what will the integral movement be like after KW dies?"  As I sit at my desk working and listening to IN dialogues over and over, taking an occasionsl break to look at videos, that thought is there along with all others that arise.  I ask myself if we are prepared to shed our attachment to Ken?  The thought makes me feel somewhat lost and without hope.  It seems a cruel joke that just when Ken seems to be really getting out there all this shit is coming to bear that is keeping him from doing so.  I echo Liz's questions, though without the specifics of how to intervene.  What strikes me is that there may be some really powerful shadow lurking that these various health crises are somehow a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If that's the case, GET OVER IT, DUDE!  I just don't see anyone out there with not only the depth of insight and wisdom but also the incredible charisma to maintain the momentum of the integral movement.

    OK.  Now I'll do my best to rest in a place of trust that somehow, in some mysterious way, this latest happening is good for all...but get over it anyway, please.

    This may be a bit too personal to suggest, but I'll do it anyway:  What would Treya do?  We all know how much you love(d) her.  I cried all the way through Grace and Grit, as did just about everybody I know who read it.  You have eternity, so please be patient and don't let your unconscious/ subconscious take you away from this place too soon so you can be with her.  She'll find you.  Remember?  She promised.

    Please accept my sincere apologies for poking a stick in that wound.  I guess I'm just like a doubting Thomas....I just can't help but want to feel it for myself.



    Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. -unknown
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  •  08-01-2006, 10:41 AM 2728 in reply to 2663

    • JaneMc is not online. Last active: 01-16-2007, 4:45 AM JaneMc
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    Re: Update on Ken's Health


    I hope you do read all of these well wishes for you.


    I was at a little impromptu concert last night by one of the Bare Naked Ladies, who is doing a film shoot out here at the end of the road.  I looked around at my whole small little community, every miraculous little being, little Grace for instance, all dressed up in a fancy purple velvet dress and tearing across in front of the stage, while Ed Robertson sang to her.…. It is just so clear to me: we are all together here, all of us.  You resonate beautifully and clearly, and you have helped all of us start to find each other.  I have a deep gratitude to you for that.


    At the same time, I agree with Tam-Liz.  You need to take better care of yourself, not for all of us, or for the integral movement, or for the sake of the evolution of consciousness all humanity, but for YOU…….little old  human you.  The heart of the divine lies in paradox. God is in the details…..not as we often suppose, in  the big I, but the little i…..the me-i…..the one that is all screwed up and hard to like sometimes.


    I am suddenly thinking  of Ram Dass in the latest documentary, “there I was, Mr Spiritual, in my moment of crisis, stroked out…and all I could see was the roof of the ambulance. No big holy thoughts at all.”  (or something like that)  And I remember Thomas Berry once at a naming ceremony for my children ‘baptizing’ them with water…. He said, “This water, not a symbol of water, or water representing something else.  This is water as water.  Water is a miracle.”   Likewise, YOU, you are a miracle.


    Thank you.

    Love Jane

    The fabric of my life is the cloth with which it is my responsibility to polish the lens of my own perception
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  •  08-01-2006, 10:49 AM 2730 in reply to 2663

    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    I just finished reading all the posts from this loving community, and I am both more grief-stricken and more alive-feeling and filled with love than I was when I read the blog post this morning.  I came to the forum seeking community, and I found it!  I have also experienced the thought of Ken's departure from this realm and it causes me deep pain.  My higher concern, though, is for Ken's well-being.  And, based on the news from the I-I staff, the odds are good that he will persevere physically, while thriving in his Being-ness.  That smile of his renews my hope and my humility.  (  (  ( ( (( Sending waves of Love and Light through the Kosmos to you, Ken, the man and Spirit who has helped change so many lives for the better )) ) ) )  )
    To be nobody-but-yourself -- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else -- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. - E.E.Cummings
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  •  08-01-2006, 2:29 PM 2759 in reply to 2730

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    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    Ken --

    Holding you and yours in wordless prayer. And feeling great gratitude for all the responders to this thread.



    Let the beauty we love be what we do.
    There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

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  •  08-01-2006, 4:17 PM 2789 in reply to 2663

    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    Ken, whenever you fall, it is within us. This pain is deepening us. For you, we'll all rise to whatever occasion... crying, laughing, screaming, sometimes all at once.

    Greatness in action -
    holding still for a while.

    Give us ALL you've got. Especially this

    Thousands of beings around the world are shocked into a taste of devotion. Old unknown friends everywhere, including this

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  •  08-01-2006, 4:20 PM 2793 in reply to 2759

    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    Left Hug [{]Right Hug [}]

    Music [8]

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  •  08-01-2006, 5:23 PM 2804 in reply to 2793

    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    Get well soon,

    Prayers and love, Smile [:)]
    That really looks painful Sad [:(]


    "Should it matter that my mind won't fit back in my head" -S. Davis
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  •  08-01-2006, 8:46 PM 2823 in reply to 2704

    • imom is not online. Last active: 10-09-2006, 1:13 PM imom
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    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    On your feet cowboy.

    Big Love,


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  •  08-01-2006, 10:03 PM 2828 in reply to 2823

    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    thank you thank you thank you 

    dear bodhisattva



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  •  08-02-2006, 12:11 AM 2837 in reply to 2828

    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    Dear Ken,

    Best wishes for a full recovery. Please think about allowing some level of care around you on an ongoing basis. It's not an easy step to take, but it does allow others the opportunity to use the gifts they have in this area. My thoughts are with you,



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  •  08-02-2006, 6:05 AM 2853 in reply to 2837

    • turq is not online. Last active: 01-17-2007, 1:16 PM turq
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    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    Dear Ken, 
    All night listening to the rain on my roof,  brokenhearted to see photos of you after the fall.  For years you have been my inspiration and my hero.  Sending you prayers, much gratitude and love.  Be well.
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  •  08-02-2006, 6:11 AM 2855 in reply to 2853

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    Re: Update on Ken's Health

    I am looking foward to seein Ken in New York in September.  What is this about Ken being ill?  Is it the virus he has had problems with?   Ken's books keep me from going insane.   He is my hero.   tricia

    when two people agree on everything all of the time one of them is not necessary
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