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integral cognition and innate consciousness

Last post 09-29-2007, 7:36 PM by vulgan. 0 replies.
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  •  09-29-2007, 7:36 PM 29286

    integral cognition and innate consciousness

    integral cognition... vision-logic... appears to grow in its stability and wisdom... as innate consciousness... meditative Awareness... also grows.

    if you are an "integral thinker", this might refine you into a subtlety and detachment that borders on the transpersonal states of consciousness...

    but say if you are a meditator... quietening the world and focusing upon your mind, or an object, or nothing in particular... the Witness is what you want to stablize in, but have you noticed the subtle partnership between intellectual functionings and that pure simplicity of awareness you REALLY want?

    this at first (and i am only a meditate when he feels like it kind of bloke, btw) was percieved as an obstacle by me, because my identification with the mind that is doing the observing (i mean noticing) kind-of-quite-badly stunted my growth. and my irritated awareness of this, i mean thinking about this (you all know what i mean. selves eclipsing selves...) made me just give up basically... any hopes of a McSuddenEnlightenment anyway, and my decision to practice daily.

    on a fast track to god maybe that is as simple as it is... a stunt?

    but in life i began to realize that it was the same sort of intelligence as i had been trying to develop in the hustle and bustle of ordinary living... a very self detached and aperspectival way of thinking... able to notice the various experiences arising and think about them without being caught up in any particular role, view, or emotion. (all passers by... of the mind and its Eye...)

    and especially in the real life application of it, the magnifying of a sense of the transpersonal because of it was clear.

    so as a conscious partnership, rather than spiritual self delusion, i'd recommend it.  it should probably be the last "stick" to drop before either a spontaneous heart-flow or the pure witness fully overwhelm your identification with this mind.
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