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The Address of Art?

Last post 10-06-2007, 11:44 PM by ogravity. 0 replies.
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    Movie [~] The Address of Art?

    I just finished reading Ken’s “Integral Spirituality” book and I am trying to grasp the concept of Kosmic Addresses, especially as they relate to works of art.


    Can anyone point me to further resources on the subject and/or offer some good “food for thought” on this issue…


    Here are some of my “newbee” Kosmic Art Address questions:


    How does one calculate the Kosmic Address of a Work of Art?


    How does the Kosmic Address of the artist(s), viewer(s), etc. figure into the equation?


    If a work of art is an IT, how is it's address different than other ITs: For example, how are Warhol’s paintings of cans of Campbell’s soups different from an actual can of Campbell’s soup?


    How do the Kosmic Address’ of the various art forms differ from each other? For example, how does the address of a painting by a single artist viewed in a small art gallery by individuals or small groups of viewers differ from a collective work of art, such as a film, which involves numerous creators with various onscreen characters, events, and environments viewed by large groups of viewers?

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