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A Few Questions

Last post 18 hours, 15 minutes ago by ericgracenow. 1 replies.
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  •  10-10-2007, 6:28 PM 29785

    A Few Questions

    Hey guys I had a couple of questions I was hoping to get sorted out.
    1.) Last time I posted I mentioned how I had a very spiritual experince at age 12 and actually entered what I read Wilber call the "gateless gate", that you have never actually leave, and of course I didn't think anything much of it at the time because I had no other reference point, it was normal to me. Im 20 now and recently I went through extreme anxiety, depression, and identity crisis, and had had a psychotic episode where I thought I was traveling through parrallel univereses, so things have definitly took a turn for the worse latly but i was a normal kid growing up. The running diagnosis is bipolar but I question this.

    My question is how rare/profound was my spiritual experience at that age? And any recommendations such as therapist that deal with spiritual issues or related persons?

    2.) I heard Ken say in a video that "the more lost, and confused, and horrible it is for a person in life, the more fun it is when they wake up". I think I understand, but if someone could explain it to me better that would be great.

    3.) I've also heard people say that a distorted reality is now a neccessity to be free and I would like to have that one be explained

    4.) Also I dont know if anyone has read the American book of the dead but on like the last page it talks about the earth coicidence control office or something and i was wondering if anyone knew more about that or believed in that.

    guess these didnt turn out to be questions but thanks for any help
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  •  18 hours, 15 minutes ago 30086 in reply to 29785

    Re: A Few Questions

    Hi emersondds,

    I haven't been with the Integral sites for some time, but I do have some referrals for people such as yourself, that have been born with or had early on spiritual awakenings, as well as possibly complications for not being recognized/felt as that by your childhood environment.

    I've met a lot of teens and twenty-somethings with amazing gifts and awarenesses as well as intense emotional congestion to go with it.

    I can refer you to three friends of mine, two have websites... the other not.

    Lela Iselin (who has two young men sons which are quite gifted/aware) She is the past partner of Isaac Shapiro, trained with Byron Katie, Daniel Barron, Osho, etc. She is a tender-hearted facilitator with a gift for being real and holding you where you need it, with gentle guidance.

    Tiziana DeRovere, a mystic, catholic priestess, trained in psychology, and a psychic with the gifting of the Divine Mother and Father energies, as well as Mother Mary and Christ.

    And Nancy Dreyfus Ph.d. She is a trained Pyschotherapist, studied many therapies (Sedona Method, ESH, Waking Down, Schnarch's work,etc) ... has a very profound daughter, like Krishnamurti reincarnated... and is one of the best therapist in the country (lives in Phillie). email me for her email address (

    You are welcome to talk with me more about this. Being labelled something by a therapist that may not have deepen senses of the spirit and heart frequencies can be quite crazy-making.

    These are the three best folks I know of... and I love them dearly.

    It can be quite harmful, to treat spiritual or emotional wounds with mental/physical medicine, or emotional wounds with spiritual medicine and so on. Getting sound support is really important. IMO.

    Doreen Virtue speaks a lot about the Indigo's and Crystal folks. I don't agree with some of the things that she and others have put around the phenomenon... but there is some value in exploring it as well, it may prove soothing to confusion, a sense of isolation,  or need for company.

    I myself am 30 yrs old... have had several awakenings of different kinds, these folks listed and other people have helped me integrate them, as well as to deal with the emotional congestion that I have carried with me too. 

    I can't speak much to the other questions... perhaps others can.

    blessings... and again email me if you;d like to chat more.



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