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Altar of Spanks

Last post 08-17-2006, 4:24 PM by Helene. 31 replies.
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  •  08-17-2006, 10:19 AM 4530 in reply to 4509

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    Re: Altar of Spanks

    and then I mosied over to the unruly julie's thread of the fine art of not being offended.

    what wonderful insight and resonance.... I think very much like we are circling around over here on the alter of spanks.


    btw helene, I work in the emergency department, arguably an illness in itself......thanks for your concern, sleepless so far, I am feelin' purdy good.


    The fabric of my life is the cloth with which it is my responsibility to polish the lense of my own perception
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  •  08-17-2006, 4:24 PM 4546 in reply to 4530

    Re: Altar of Spanks

    Hey Jane, feeling purdy good, sounds waaay good!

    ok , i wasn't gona but will -seeing how this topic is about spanking..."it was weird, she never made a sound, guess she didn't want to give him the satisfaction" - her brother said.

    "i can't stomach that" - she  often an adult woman ...most of her life  'stomach' ailments kept her in and out of  surgeries.  

     getting a beating on self-removed underpanties bare bottom, with a lether belt. as per 'father and mother knows best' expectation. this child-grrrl once got such beating after the working out of town father came home on the weekend . why? because  wife told him 'she's been bad'.  both she and friend got into her (mom's) underwear drawyer and played  / disturbed? the ironed (ALWAYS) items.

    then one day....looking forlorn , and self-reflexive , by then retired , father/man  addmitted "i didn't like that" .  - "we do what we think is best, no one is  perfect" - he agreed.




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