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healthy and unhealthy colors

Last post a few seconds ago by charlesb. 2 replies.
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  •  05-27-2008, 12:33 PM 53146

    healthy and unhealthy colors

    anothereye, i just jotted these notes down from an article i read in a magazine about unhealthy and healthy colors.  It is simple, but just thought i would pass it along.  If is is wrong, let me know.

    Healthy Purple: (mythic magic)

    1.)  Connections to numinous (ceremonies, symbols, nature, art, family, celebrations, rites of passage.

    2.)  Intuition (reading strangers, situations, based on gut feelings, not anayasis.)

    Unhealthy Purple:

    1.) Supersitions

    2) Putting your primary identity ahead of the world; labeling

    Healthy Red (power)

    1) Take command; jump in and lead

    2) Make a stand, raise a stick, steer the group your way

    Unhealthy Red

    1) Anger runs away with you

    2) In conversation it comes back to being about you


    Healthy Amber (law and order)

    1) Orderly, disciplined, rule-abiding

    2) Refer to Holy Books of an organized religion which provide frim guidance for your life; traditional.

    Unhealthy Amber

    1) My country right or wrong

    2) Your religious connection to a Higher Power overides other considerations.


    Healthy Orange (Autonomy)

    1) You think independantly, rationaly  and autonomously

    2) Strong ego based on your own perceptions and thinking; strong-minded, solid; almost willful

    Unhealthy Orange

    1) Saying things that are true but inappropriate that alienantes people close to you; seems like you are a jerk although that is not the case

    2) You envy the enthuisiasm of true believers even though you think they are infantile


    Healthy Green

    1) Cultivation of an interior life using meditation, prayer, or some discipline that stills the mind.

    2) Sincerely inclusive of real differences in people

    Unhealthy Green

    1) Can't make decisions-so many points of view and so many people's opinions to take into consideration

    2) Emotional reaction to hierachy


    Okey just throwing that out there....i can dig up the souce of the author and magazine when i get a chance; apologizes to them for now

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  •  8 hours, 33 minutes ago 53679 in reply to 53146

    Re: healthy and unhealthy colors

    That's a really good list. I find it to be very valuable. Thank you Lizzie :-)
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  •  a few seconds ago 53717 in reply to 53146

    Re: healthy and unhealthy colors

    Hi Lizzie,


    Frankly i was surprised to see intuition assigned to the color purple; from my view the term instinct would be more appropriate. This is not just hairsplitting for me, but represents a category error, in that instinct properly belongs to the world of the pre-rational, and intuition the trans-rational.


    In terms of chakras this would be the rough equivalent of equating the second with the sixth, or even the first with the seventh!





    88W18'28" 41N58'02"




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