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my i l p

Last post 17 hours, 1 minutes ago by fairyfaye. 446 replies.
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  •  09-20-2006, 11:48 AM 8563 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p


    another good one that ian also brought up was intead of providing a "framework" or "theory" to these office and field workers, providing "coaching" or "training" (as familiar words more readily responded to)



  •  09-20-2006, 10:12 PM 8662 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    tonite i attended the first class of the volunteer palliative care ed program ... one of the presenters talked about the importance of not breaking down and crying in the presence of the dying person we are with ...

    it was very interesting how a discussion erupted where suddenly the room became divided into two distinct groups ... those who felt that not crying was being not human and those who agreed with the presenter




  •  09-22-2006, 5:16 PM 8934 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    yummy this lemon tart is sooooooooo delicious

    what tasty delights in this manifest realm Wink [;)]



  •  09-24-2006, 3:05 PM 9192 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    quietly swimming in the infinite sea of blissful watching ... seeing the contraction in the separate self ... overwhelmed ... confused ... disoriented ... oh how the ego with a small s got wounded stabbed with that's everybody then without her

    stupid ashamed frightened ... not wanted ... not seen ... so very very sad the selfobject ...

    gawd what an egotically silly low-level fool she can be

    softly gently taking her into my loving arms and with her the entire world ... m m m m m m m m m m m ... shimmering ... dazzling glowing with the sunlight sparkling on the crystal waters

    and still i see her ...

    basking in ever-ecstacy of love for god ... and his for her ...

    singing u pick yourself up u brush yourself off and start all over again




  •  09-27-2006, 9:52 AM 9563 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    another flying dream last nite ... spent most of the dream flying overhead and at one point was over a factory of huge drums and boxes in all shades of brown and black

    was having trouble propelling forward and was suspended stuck floating upright ... suddenly a huge invisible hand gently pushed against the back of my pelvis pushing me along

    and i didn't know which way to steer  ... was trying to get back to toronto and couldn't see the cn tower in any direction

    as i was pushed along over the brown factory suddenly two 3-CPOs appeared shining golden one at each side of me and they brought me down ... and i was put in a mental ward and my mother came to visit me

    this is shit i said and woke myself up

    but i want to tell u the secret of flying ... ANYONE can do it ... because it happens in your heart

    u can stand beside a chair or wall (a dancer's secret because of our love affair with the barre)

    if u hold onto the wall and float your arm out to the side and bend slightly forward and float your leg up behind u, if u let your soul soar, u can fly  ... totally completely ... with one side of your body

    the sensation of gliding thru the air can be utterly felt by one side .... and its toooooooo much fun !!


  •  09-27-2006, 11:44 AM 9585 in reply to 8563

    Re: my i l p

    . . . and once that sensation of flying with one side of the body is really connected with, it is more effortless to then get the sensation in the entire body . . . on one's belly lifting the arms up the sides and the legs up behind . . . into the skydivers position . . .

    letting your soul soar . . . and your body glide . . .



  •  09-29-2006, 6:08 AM 9809 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    faithfully every day after the sitting ... standing up and bowing to each corner (just like terry taught us at the ilp seminar) saying: may my consciousness / and my behavior / benefit all beings / in all worlds

    this morning it spontaneously came out as: may my consciousness / and my behavior / benefit all beings / with all worldviews


  •  10-01-2006, 7:02 PM 9988 in reply to 8563

    Re: my i l p

    dancing naked neath the shimmering moon ... skin tingling from the sweet caress of spirit's breeze ... heart exploding from the big ole crush on the all

    being captured and burned ... how DARE u be so free ... how DARE u know such joy



  •  10-03-2006, 1:03 PM 10151 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    saw a vid where ken was speculating on how we would communicate with other beings, should they arrive, and he suggested mathematics

    ... maybe ... another channel that might work is sound . . .

    tones and vibrations communicate ... ask any babe or pet

    or alien being ??




  •  10-04-2006, 1:07 PM 10226 in reply to 8563

    Re: my i l p

    floating in the warm waves of we're all just souls along the wayness



  •  10-06-2006, 8:20 PM 10440 in reply to 8563

    Re: my i l p

    on wed, one of the activites we did was a role play where lisa sat there and said i don't want to die ... and i am afraid to die ...

    and my task was to open my heart and let her pour in her fear

    to absorb it with love



  •  10-06-2006, 8:41 PM 10442 in reply to 8563

    Re: my i l p

    but first i had to be the dying person and i had to say that i have regrets ... perspective work . . . i had to embody the perspective of someone dying with regrets

    while suzanne opened receiving . . 


  •  10-08-2006, 5:12 AM 10518 in reply to 8563

    Re: my i l p

    thanksgiving weekend in canada ... grateful for so very many blessings ... tingling from the afterglow of the kosmic kiss from the boy genius ... i love u and love u and love u . . .

    . . . and thank u . . .


  •  10-08-2006, 6:16 PM 10560 in reply to 10518

    Re: my i l p

    god that is how u make love to me

    thru the tender flutter of

    the leaves of trees



  •  10-11-2006, 9:15 AM 10853 in reply to 8563

    Re: my i l p

    skies crystal blue ...she can't walk only float and the glow sparkles on ... how could it not ? and it all sounds so egocentric



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