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Re: Dead Forever?

  •  07-05-2007, 11:15 PM

    Re: Dead Forever?

    Hi all,

    There's a line of questioning I 'd like to share, trusting that it may be relevant to the health of these Forums. In asking, broadly, How has come to this?, and sitting with that for a while, I then turned to the book, The Diamond Cutter,The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life, by Geshe Michael Roach ( who I knew around the time he was writing the book). Roach drew directly from (the)Tsongkapa's, The Great Book on the Steps on the Path, and The Crown of Knives, by Dharma Rakshita.

    I'd like to look at the question of Listening in regards to perspectives expressed around Forum issues, and to do this through a passage in The Diamond Cutter.

    Here's a little foreground: In the book, Geshe Roach uses the teachings of "correlations" to address common business problems and elucidate solutions. Correlations refer to (sometimes counter-intuitive) links between our UR behaviors and our LL we-space, "correlations between specific actions, their imprints, and what they make you see" (GR).

    We may agree that the we-space here online is completely interwoven with the rest of our We. And so, looking beyond the Forums into the rest of my life I ask, "Where do the Road Rules begin and end for me?"

    From The Diamond Cutter (pg.121) ," Business problem # 41: No one listens when I ask them to do something.  Solution: ...The imprint which causes it is - as you might expect - consistantly talking about things that have no real importance. So if you are afflicted by this particular problem, you have to address the imprints for it by always thinking carefully before you open your mouth to speak: by always coming out with something to say which is of benefit and real meaning to the people around you."

    Here's the kicker. What if the imprints of the manifest perspective of not-being-heard apply from, not only speaking of the trivial and less important things, but from speaking of the profound, the transcedent, the integral (to the non-resonant). What if the operative dynamic of this particular correlation is "not meeting people where they are", an expression/impression incongruence?

    Could that past incongruence now figure into why some of us, steeped in leading edge understandings, (and far flung enough to be in the lonely position of the rare perspecter of the new), who have, at one time or another, consistantly, if inadvertantly, spoken over the heads of those arounds us, or dumbed down what we say so as not to "cast our pearls among swine" ( pearl; from the Latin, perna, meaning "ham") find ourselves in some variation on the theme of You're Not Listening?

    What if Nagarjuna and (the)Tsongkapa were onto something which holds real meaning to the issues here in this Forum?

    All for now,


    'takes all kinds.
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