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Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/32502.aspxMon, 26 Nov 2007 05:34:49 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:32502bohemianmama0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/32502.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=32502

Let's spend some time organizing the site so new stuff can be easily found.  Set up a menu and archives like integral naked.  I would spend more time here at ISC if it were easier to find things and navigate around the site.


Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/32439.aspxSun, 25 Nov 2007 00:39:56 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:32439samburgett0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/32439.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=32439All of the above, but if I had to choose one it would be more ISC teachers on video for ILP work. How about an ILP podcast in addition to Integral Naked, maybe audio of all ISC events?Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/31006.aspxWed, 31 Oct 2007 21:55:05 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:31006italiangold0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/31006.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=31006Ditto on both the search feature and a resource list. I've recently gone back over my Wilber books looking for mention of other books, authors, etc. I would love to know if Eckhart Tolle is considered to be integral or what the general opinion of books and tapes by Pema Chodren is.Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/30881.aspxMon, 29 Oct 2007 17:52:37 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:30881p4j3n20http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/30881.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=30881

I would like to see more from Jim Marion, something from Fr Richard Rohr and a comprehensive search facility would be very useful.





Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/29554.aspxFri, 05 Oct 2007 22:42:44 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:29554feauteau0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/29554.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=29554


I also really enjoy all of them... just go on like that !

Love from germany,


Thanks for the wonderful Rumi inspiration, Mary!

Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/28604.aspxMon, 17 Sep 2007 14:40:05 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:28604johndupuy0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/28604.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=28604Could we get an email adverting us, when the live calls are going to be. I really love them but I miss a lot of the calls, because I don't know when they are happening. Also when are the Integral Christianity call going to be made available? I am most interested. Thanks much.
john dpuy
Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/26520.aspxSun, 29 Jul 2007 05:00:10 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:26520ralphweidner0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/26520.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=26520click the media menu for ISC, [edit:] then ISC archives, and, then, series 8. for related threads, go to the ISC forums, and pick library and media discussions. that should work Stick out tongue [:P]Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/26491.aspxSat, 28 Jul 2007 16:20:17 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:26491entrancemountain0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/26491.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=26491I would like to see a comprehensive search feature.  I also agree, as others have stated on this forum, that a beginners guide would be really helpful.  At least point us in the direction of what products (books, CDs, etc) to purchase as a beginner, and provide a clear synopsis of some of these.

re: the search feature ...

for example, I have been unable to tune in for the past few weeks, and now I see there are audio/video clips entitled 'The Miracle of We, Part 5' . . . . .  but where are Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 ...  ? 

Can't find them, can you?   Perhaps it's just a navigation problem.  Please assist if you can, thanks.

Huh? [:^)]
Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/25370.aspxSat, 07 Jul 2007 02:47:52 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:25370dadcraige0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/25370.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=25370Gempo Roshi, Soygal Rinpoche, Buddha nature 101Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/24570.aspxSat, 16 Jun 2007 03:58:18 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:24570hnif20030http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/24570.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=24570Why are we dealing in terms of "clips"?

Why can't the whole enchilada be posted?


Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/23972.aspxTue, 05 Jun 2007 01:00:36 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:23972richard170http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/23972.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=23972

I second the suggestion that all of the above be included.



Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/21929.aspxSun, 22 Apr 2007 15:10:59 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:21929dleverettjr0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/21929.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=21929I agree with that spellcheck is the word processing function most useful to me and my fat fingers!!!Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/21928.aspxSun, 22 Apr 2007 15:09:49 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:21928dleverettjr0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/21928.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=21928

I acknowledge that this might not be directly related to the question and therefore this might not be the right forum. However, it seems to me that if the "conveyor belt" is the single biggest problem facing the world in the interior quadrants as Ken says in his book, then this is where ISC should be focusing resources. Working with the religious and scientific communities to resolve the level/line fallacy, and developing programs to help people move their religious beliefs from amber to orange. It would focus limited resources on making the biggest impact possible. It would also increase awareness for ISC, which in turn would increase membership and resources for programs.

Of course I could be wrong and certainly have been before. :)




Re: What feature would you most like to see on ISC.org?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/21678.aspxWed, 11 Apr 2007 20:26:08 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:21678Zenwolf0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/21678.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=111&PostID=21678how about spellcheck on the threads and posting templates?  anyway it is a great site I love it!