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Compassion, Love, and turtles,

Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13574.aspxFri, 03 Nov 2006 16:13:15 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13574randomturtle0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13574.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13574
please stop spamming on my thread.

I'm very sorry Jkare, I didn't realize that you wanted this thread for a specific purpose.  What would you like people to talk about here?  I'm a little unclear, and it looks like others may be as well.  If you set down some clear ideas of what you need, we can try and help you fulfil those needs.  Is it ok with you if we talk about Burning Man?  How about chakras?  How do you feel about us talking about what you would like us to talk about?  :-)

I also invite anyone who wishes to continue this discussion about Burning Man and chakras and so on to join me over in the Burning Man, chakras, and how we experience the world from our own minds. thread next door, which is open to anyone who wishes to join in at whatever level and stage they happen to be in at the time.  I, personally, would love to hear all of your pesepectives about chakras and Burning Man, and I don't want Jkare to feel bothered anymore by people talking on this thread here.

And as for discussions about spamming and such, I think there are a lot of threads already going on in the IN forums.  You might want to bring your thoughts to those places where you will hopefully find lots of enthusiastic opinions from all sorts of different levels and states and so on :-)

Peace, Love, and Bicycles,
Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13560.aspxFri, 03 Nov 2006 14:38:47 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13560Helene0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13560.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13560

Peace be with you -o-JkareStick out tongue [:P]

...will whisper ...this is only a clarifying note-PS to my above scribbles -  so don't pay any attention...just that it seems like in order to sound like a fool once more, i need to add  a bit or two more...

truth be known, the above mentioned kundalini  'karmic burn offs' - which feel like the body-being becomes a 'flaming torch' , (but since i'm not writing an essay i will say only those 'energetic rushes' vary in intensity) began after the initial  - 'my entire body-being became a high sounding Music [8]  pitch/note vibrating  for goodly several seconds' -one dawn-morn' in bed

....after which (don't know how long 'later')  i experienced another Shakti - experience ... this time,  of the - 'i shall rip your head off like it or not' - in 97'

"thundering combustion experience...my whole being became like an exploding missle - had only time to say "God be with me".

not like i had time to think  ..and was conviced this explosive, thundering head experience will scatter me into smitterins , hence  the  - 'be w/me' plea - and then it was all over...nothing but "Awarenes being aware of crystal - like voices "yes!!"  .. (singing/sounding bliss-full "yessss") "next my light body was raised up - from laying to vertical pos. in a blink , than gently layed down" -  asin gently lowerd itself back down on bed.

i'm pretty sure all the rushing,  burning and Congress Tantra, has something to do with bringing down from heavenly spheres Love's vibrations with the purpose of  .. for the  : :  'greater wholeness...of relational embrace'


Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13507.aspxFri, 03 Nov 2006 02:39:21 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13507jkare0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13507.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13507Helene, please stop spamming on my thread.  there is now a full page of irrelivant posts.  Adastra, I've known you for a couple of years now.  Much love and thank you for your effort to "not feed the troll" but you are just feeding her fire.  Try sending the other thread starters private messages to prevent exacerbating the problem.   Helene does need to be heard, but not 655 posts heard. I know you guys are just trying to keep a clean house, but try modulating the system instead of digging into the person.  

So everyone, ya know that VW GTI commercial where they toss the rice burner car with the GTI in front?  Well the people who made that were hired by VW to make the trebuchet were burners.  They brought this contraption to the burn, though had to wait until after the main event to use it.  Apparently they decided to light an extra piano on fire and used the trebuchet to hurdle the piano across the playa.  And after this amazing experience, participants went over and picked up the mess before it made any marks on the playa. She says the piano made it about 80'.  So yeah, healthy magenta, for sure.  But isn't that a requirement for an integral way of being? I think you can see the other colors of the rainbow in this situation also. 

For completeness I'm adding a couple youtubes for the trebuchet both the commercial and the piano


Peace and Light

It's Time
ps I was born on Pi.  3/14
Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13407.aspxThu, 02 Nov 2006 14:21:15 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13407Helene0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13407.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13407

thank you Turtle (all the way up and all the way down, no?) for your welkoming words on this gab-boardStick out tongue [:P] and for the nice 'you're oh so wise' compliment....can't say i'm all the wiser for it...on the other hand am i stupid? ... not if I AMWhisper [:-*]

this thread topic is about  'burning man',  right?....kundalini style? .. burning off everything that ain''t couth anymore?

don't know how it happens, but i  know it ain't poor lil' me who pounds my head and body with its energy -  nay! 'Intelligent' energy!  -

 whilst at it....like the time during 'i will never forget that  reiki class-session'

standing room only , just finished balancing someone elses' energy,  and as a fourth wheel stood with hands on my teacher's knees.... much laughter and,  'been to florida with daughters and their friend and...'  story-telling ...

 their voices waaay in the distance, yet right inside my head...(while) wave after (tremendous) surging wave pounding right-through my crown chakra...  thought i was going to explode...cring-wincing time...deep breathing (had no choice! tried to stay calm and 'witnessing')... deciding to ask for silence .. the woman on my left, at K 's feet didn't (even ) hear me ..hands jarring/jumping a couple of times .. as if suddenly got plugged into some meta-energy ...asking again for silence...finally, B. is saying "helen is asking for silence", a couple of times ... which made it even worse...my deep-huff-breathing sounds so loud...asking to stop the 'surging waves'.  they do/ did 


Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13286.aspxWed, 01 Nov 2006 14:27:36 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13286Helene0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13286.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13286

she hears You arthur! hehe......you can take helen out from this world-forum, but you can't take the World out of herWhisper [:-*]

wot can i say, eh? how long ago wos it now? oh, maybe 15 , or so years ago?...she got so piss-angry her head "lit up like the sun" - according to her husband.

true, that's what he said after the dust settled. don't know what i was going on about ..wos it about : "what is truth? whose truth??!" (which the 'anger' had nothing to do with him, but  without his most caring ways i wouldn't feel safe enough to let loose like that, i guess)

yuk! those were the days of pissed letter-writing to the editor of the "WHO WILL LOVE OUR CHILDREN?" and the like.

"i couldn't see you, your head lit up like the sun" - 'tis true, that's what he said - "don't do that i can't see you" several times he said it ... taking quick glances - by then seated on sofa , on the far end of the room .. he did look pale, i noticed that..,still  hand gesturing ,  'shooing' me away.

it occured to me many years later to yet again ask him to tell me about it -  and for the first time, ask, "how long  was my head lit up like the sun?" - he shrugged impatient and said "why are you always asking about it? i don't know how long, maybe 3 or 4 minutes?" - close 'nuf quote

.....which was a revelation to me! why did i want to hear over and over again  about the 'ligting up' - at least intially? bec. i never heard of anything like it! besides, when he first told me i wasn't at all that curious, but curious 'enuf to begin to read-browse  'esoteric' literature, like Wiliam James, among few other authors..and? found nothing about 'sun-lighting'. 



Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13249.aspxWed, 01 Nov 2006 02:04:12 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13249adastra0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13249.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13249Notice this thread has gone thoroughly off the rails; this tends to happen around Helen a lot.  As for projection, I noticed a lot of that on Girard's part as well; he seemed to think Helen is some sort of wise ascended master and most of the IN forum (exluding him, of course) as too dumb to realize that or benefit from her teaching.  Pure pre/trans fallacy, that.

I reiterate my suggestion to people (hi RandomTurtle!  I really dig some of your posts, but feel you are confused on this particular issue) to refrain from feeding this, or any other, troll.  Helene wants attention and she is very good at getting it.

Over yonder in Integral Naked there are a number of Helene-related threads people may be interested in:

Banish Helene continues to be astoundingly popular, and it's worth noting that more and more people are in substantial agreement with my interpretation and suggested solutions - as well as being in favour of the action Tamgoddess and I have been taking there of late.  Many of the contributors there have been expressing a lot of frustration/discontent with I-I's lack of response to this ongoing concern.

Deleting Helen's Posts and/or Banning Her (a poll and related discussion) has generated some interesting feedback from forum members.  Currently, of 30 votes, 36.7% of respondants favour only deleting Helene's posts at the request of a thread-starter, 23.3% feel that ALL of her posts should be deleted, and 26.7% agree that all of her posts should be deleted and that, in addition, she should be banned from the I-I forums. 

Conscious Culture is a fascinating thread discussing these issues in more general/abstract terms (it was started by kessels, a forum member I increasingly hold in very high esteem).   I only became aware of it today, and I'll be working my way through it over time.  A deep thank you to Tamgoddess for bringing this to my attention in the Banish Helene thread.  (Note that kessels has requested that the thread deal with "conscious culture" in abstract terms and that comments on specific forum members or situations be discussed elsewhere.)

There are other threads discussing various aspects of the Helene phenomenon occurring in Integral Naked, but the above three seem particularly noteworthy.

It is my hope that controversy over Helene, as well as posts by her, stay confined as much as possible in the Integral Naked forum.

I hope that people will return to the original topic of this thread, if there is any juice left in it.

love to all,

Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13237.aspxWed, 01 Nov 2006 01:16:15 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13237tamgoddess0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13237.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13237Everyone who has an IN membership can post on this thread. Helen only started posting here because we're deleting her spam on IN and we can't delete it here on this thread. Any higher purpose on her part is only projection on yours.


Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13218.aspxTue, 31 Oct 2006 23:55:02 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13218randomturtle0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13218.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13218Welcome to the II community Helene!  I hope you find this place welcoming and enjoyable and that you continue to inspire others with your unique wisdom and perspective.

And I hope that those who also choose to post here find your thoughts and ideas enjoyable.

Peace, Love, and Bicycles,
Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13168.aspxTue, 31 Oct 2006 14:27:59 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13168Helene0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13168.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13168

dear Arthur, you know how craziii 'bout me Liz is -  don'tchya? she's like practicing  pushing  me' buttons all over the place just to see if i'm of the .....

"if i  keepe'm on their toes , they will pay attention to me like it or not, mostly because  i don't won't them to ignore me ...wot IF behind my facade of kool - ness  lurks   anxiety , obsessive compulsions and depression ... what if they discover a small frightened child who despertly needs aproval ... who needs to control everyones behaviour  so they won't abandon me"  - kind.

no? at any rate even if it was true - my 'facade kool-face'  ie.- would i want to know where that energy came from? who mind-frig me? ... i didn't cause / do that to myself /  to be that way. and was it their fault? , their minds got frig-twisted?

luvs n' hugs to both o'yous'Big Smile [:D]

Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13152.aspxTue, 31 Oct 2006 04:01:46 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13152adastra0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13152.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13152

Helen has been spamming in the IN forum for years. Now that the moderators there have finally taken action to stop her from posting her irrelvant spam there, she is posting in places where she knows we can't delete her text. If you don't want spam on your thread, ignore her completely. If she continues (and she will) please complain to I-I vehemently.

Reluctant IN Facilitator/moderator

Ditto to what my co-moderator at Integral Naked said.  Please don't feed the troll.

Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13138.aspxTue, 31 Oct 2006 00:52:31 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13138tamgoddess0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13138.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13138Notice:

Helen has been spamming in the IN forum for years. Now that the moderators there have finally taken action to stop her from posting her irrelvant spam there, she is posting in places where she knows we can't delete her text. If you don't want spam on your thread, ignore her completely. If she continues (and she will) please complain to I-I vehemently.

Reluctant IN Facilitator/moderator
Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13136.aspxTue, 31 Oct 2006 00:39:51 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13136Helene0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13136.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13136

hey all, helen here from gab-board below - first time poster here , and if yous' must know i only pock me' nose here now and again to look-read some.

this different direction chakra spin for man and woman thing ? never heard of it ... i may check out the www-site .tk / but for now just want to say 'how inriguing is that?'.

 i haven't any idea if my share-scriblling - about , 'my heart chakra acted weird when....' experience ...  oh many moons ago , or even longer -  when i was still a reiki student - during one class / practice , my teacher decided to pendulum-scan my chakras, has anything to do with the above  'different systems claim   the chakras in men and women rotate in diff. direction , that's why when they are together they zip-up' ---or not, but!...

"look at it!  there it goes again! it's changing directions in mid-spin!" .. ('twos the heart chakra only) i recal being quite flaked out (relaxed) and didn't even care to look...others in room gathered to see it. hmm? what does this make me? both and or borg?

Re: Pick your Purplehttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13086.aspxMon, 30 Oct 2006 14:56:08 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13086cosmogerminator0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13086.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13086
You are asking a very tricky question.  Until we have some ways to measure in and out flows of subtle energies of the chakras, I feel this subject is purely conjecture.  Though fun!  It reminds me of the maxim, "The map is not the territory." 

I have seen systems that said that each chakra changes rotation and that men start clockwise at the root and women start counterclockwise at the root.  The second chakra would then spin counter clockwise for the men and clockwise for the women, on up each of our bodies.  As a result when you put two bodies together, they line up like a zipper. 

reading this contribution i thought it could be of II convenience to link you up to http://www.nadabramah.tk/ which organ-eyes-ez our spirals up and downward & vic versa ...

just finger the notes or planets ... here
and donot forget to focus ... connectively

oh and Jkare your IT resonates to the pi sign where TI mirrors it ;-)
Re: Does this description make sense to you?http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13010.aspxSun, 29 Oct 2006 11:51:33 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:13010dreamingone0http://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/thread/13010.aspxhttp://multiplex.integralinstitute.org/Public/cs/forums/commentrss.aspx?SectionID=236&PostID=13010Thanks, Jkare

Those thoughts certainly gave me another perspective of Burning Man. I'm not sure if your post was intended as a response to the question at the end of my post ("How does that sound to you?") but I thought I'd reply nevertheless. Smile [:)]

By no means did I intend to imply that the participants are incapable of building post-magenta (or even integral) culture, or that they fail or do not try to do so. Still, I find it plausible that both you and the Holons News are correct here.

Why? Consider the following questions:
  • Where can I experience a strong, healthy form of magenta?
  • Where can I experience a strong, healthy form of teal/turquoise?

It seems to me that the answer to both is Burning Man. Owing to the nature of an integral event/book/whatnot, it has many characteristics from many/all of the previous levels. Then the differences in the ranking of, say, Burning Man depend entirely on what we mean by placing it on a certain level. Just some possible ways to look at it:
  • What is the highest level represented by/at the event?
  • What is the center of gravity of the participants/organizers/core group?
  • On what level(s) are the characteristics that make this event really stand out?

...at which point we might ask ourselves, what good are these rankings anyway? Smile [:)]

Still, no matter what color we assign to Burning Man, it just climbed up a few ranks on my things to do before I die list.