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tiny balls of snow the size of pinheads
falling from the darkened sky tonite


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it's a miracle to me that have been sitting every day since the ilp seminar 2006 may .. and how the accompanying rituals have changed

the stretch up towards the stars .. before and after sitting .. had changed words from beyond space and time to beyond the gameboard after a kentalk

and the after sitting four-corners bow began as terry had taught us 

may my consciousness / and my behavior / benefit all beings / in all worlds

and then after reading roger's essential spirituality it had changed to

everywhere she looks she sees only god / communion with god thru daily activities / what matters is how you carry things in your heart / may my consciousness and my behavior benefit all beings in all worlds

and now after isc3 day 3 .. the first two have become

everywhere she looks she sees beams of light / thank u my love



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this morning heading back to the office after being off for a week .. somehow a profoundly different person in so many ways .. yet deeply the same

hello my loves my beams of light


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pondering something i had been reading i think out loud as my beautiful sister sam primps in the mirror

you know there is a difference between pain and suffering i say

she turns and looks at me asking do u know where i can get some electric hair curlers ?


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the fullness swelling in the heart floats u thru the day

will try to convey some of the experience at the isc3 day3 on a separate post at isc

thank u my loves




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this little unique self abiding in this manifest realm is leaving in an hour for the airport to attend isc3 day3 tomorrow

fare thee well dear multiplex

will miss u



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why is the sky up there such a deep deep green ? and the grass so blue down here on the ground ? i think i must be upside down

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i read these words and i love them so:

we are here and it is now


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those flashes that zap into depths u never even knew u had .. pure utter clarity how in everything we say .. we are the thing we are talking about

and something stirs in the heart



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and pink's singing sounds like i'm lyin here on the floor i think i've read too much i'm cryin here what have u done ? god this is so much fun

i can stay on your life support it's a mystical switch i can stay on your wisdom it's makin me itch i'm tryin to call to god again he's here sonuvabitch

i have moved from the spot where u left me evolution is some trip all of the other writers they were different i think that i just found my self

i can stay on your life support it's a mystical switch

and i swear you're just like a pill you're making me better i never am ill

thx wil



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and when u begin to understand shadow .. and have moments of consciousness which recognize it at work

it's like bring it on baby !

and there she is .. loud and obnoxious .. a big cow with some of the same skills as me .. trying to bully me over

and i just want to shake her and yell in her fact to shut up

ooooops ! that's ME ... oh yikes . . .


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when the big beautiful long poo comes sliding out of me in one sweet deep exhale .. it's pure sacredness .. if for no other reason than it's all sacredness



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i love part one of the lively ken and alanis dialogue and just listened to it a seccond time 

u know am kinda wondering .. there was something she said .. when ken was commenting on the honest nature of her writing .. adding that it's really quite rare .. she said that some people hide behind a character 

made me wonder .. am i am hiding behind a character ?

by only telling u some things ? wondering .. how raw am i able to get with u ?



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oops this was meant for the names of god thread


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i went into his room as he lay dying .. and said his name .. he opened his eyes recognizing me and smiled

and in a moment of sheer and utter clarity saw his son sitting on his right and his wife on his left and he began to glow with an obvious joy that filled the room

and his inner fire lit us up like three candles