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Re: Feedback on Holosync, 15 Oct 2007 15:58:06 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:30044markevans0 John,
Your web site is still shutting down my browser. Feel free to have your webmiester contact me if I can help.

I just watched your "Shadow Technology" video again and I have a question. Did you say that your longest "cure" to date has been three years?

I'd love to see numbers on:
at what point in your program clients get clean,
at what point they stop falling off,
how long they've been on.

Maybe all that's on your site.
Re: Feedback on Holosync, 07 Oct 2007 22:02:40 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:29634johndupuy0 Mark, Yes I am the guy using Holosync as part of an Integral Recovery model and have been using Holosync and other products to work with PTSD, depression, and so on as a part of integral recovery model, with very good results. Yes, I was the guy on the video clip. Try again. I use Safari. No Problem. Let me know if it doesn't work. I sent my webmeister your note, in case others are having the same problem. If you can get through to the website you will see that an ILP is the core of Integral Recovery and using Holosync as a part of the spiritual module, and the shadow/emotional releasing work is phenomenal.
Also I believe that this binaural technology really improves shear cognitive ability. I have seen remarkable results in some of my clients. I.Q. s seem to increase noticeably in short order. There could be some wonderful research done in this area as his thing unfolds.
Re: Feedback on Holosync, 04 Oct 2007 15:17:52 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:29499markevans0 John,
I tried to go to your web site twice and it made my browser (safari) close both times.

Are you the guy on the recent video asking Ken about integral recovery?

As far as Holosync and ILP goes, I just do everything in the ILP Matrix using holosync for the meditation module.

I'm a huge fan of that ILP kit.

Bill Harris says holosync is good for PTSD and addiction. Do you concur? I think those are two of the saddest things...
Re: Feedback on Holosync, 01 Oct 2007 16:52:47 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:29366johndupuy0 Mark, John Dupuy here. I've been using Holosync as part of an Integral Recovery model. I found your post most interesting and very helpful. Thanks. my challenge at this point is using Holosync as part of an Integral Life Practice, and working out the meditative techniques and emotional releasing practices that are vital to recovery. The results so far have been very good and show great promise. Again thanks for answering the questions that had me. If interested check out my website: for the work I am doing. johnRe: Feedback on Holosync, 12 Sep 2007 15:20:04 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:28411pelleB0's great information Mark, thanks!

Re: Feedback on Holosync, 12 Sep 2007 14:40:10 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:28409markevans0 Guys,
Here is an excerpt from a post at Learning Stratigies' forum from someone who did some analysis of holosync disks. The link to the entire thread is:

Here's the part on frequencies:

I've done a lot of research on the CDs, using Adobe Audition's analysis tools to determine exactly what the soundtracks were or were not made of

I'll try and give the exact "recipe" for Holosync CDs.
First I'll state what I've found to be inside those tracks,

What’s in a Holosync soundtrack ?
1) one sine wave in each ear. One is constant, the other varies in the dive tracks. In immersion tracks, they are both constant. (not present in the “floating” soundtracks);
2) Raindrops (not present in the “floating” soundtracks);
3) Glass Bells (only in Dive, not in the Immersion soundtracks);
4) A peak in frequency at 15500 Hz, where the “Autofonix Silent Affirmations” are “modulated” (this is not present in AP, only in AL 1 and upward;
5) Nothing else. Sorry folks, there’s no “secret something else” in the soundtracks, special technology or what, that would make it more effective than other BW soundtracks from other makers.

Hey ! If there’s no “secret technology”, what makes the Holosync CDs so much more effective ?
In my opinion :
1) the use of the Dive before going into the “deep” meditation : it kind of “heats up and stretches the brain in preparation of the “exercise” it’s going to take;
2) the raindrops. White or brown noise are known in BW literature for enhancing the effect of binaureal beats. But it’s a real pain to listen to ! The raindrop sound is a random sound that has the same effect of enhancing the binaureal beats, but with the added benefit of being relaxing to the ear, instead of irritating like the white or brown noise;
3) the “revolutionary” Virtual Audio recording technology. It does make the whole listening less a strain on the ear.
All in all, it’s just remarkably well engineered soundtracks that put no strain on the listener. Other BW soundtracks are clearly not as “polished”.

What are the Binaureal Beats ?
1) in Dive : panning from 10 to 2 Hz in the first 20 minutes, and staying constant at 2 Hz for the last 10 Minutes;
2) In Immersion : 2 Hz, for ½ an hour;
3) In Immersion 1.5 : unsurprisingly, 1.5 Hz, for ½ an hour;
4) In Immersion 0.5 : 0.5 Hz, for ½ an hour;
5) In Immersion 0.3 : 0.3 Hz, for ½ an hour;
6) In Quietude (bonus CD in AP) : 10 Hz, for ½ an hour.
7) In Oasis (bonus CD in AP) : 8 Hz, for ½ an hour.

Here is the list of carrier frequencies
In the Online Demo : 80Hz
In Awakening Prologue : 140 Hz
In the Quietude and Oasis CD : 80 Hz
In Awakening Level 1 : 120 Hz
In Awakening Level 2 : 100 Hz

I'm currently on AL 2, so I have no real idea what the frequencies for lower levels are. I might post them when I receive the subsequent levels, if anyone is interested. I tend to think that Purification 1 uses 80Hz as a carrier frequency, but it’s only a guess, based on answers I’ve received from the Centerpointe staff regarding the relative “potency” of the Oasis and Quietude soundtracks compared to those of the levels of the program…

Back to Mark--
I know a little bit about audio stuff from audiophile days and college physics classes. One, there is a minimum frequency that an audio system can put out and a minimum frequency that you can hear. Brain wave frequencies are WAY below both, which is the whole point of the binaural beat. Average good hearing ends around 40-50 Hz. A non-dual state (UL) has an UR brain wave of .1 to 4 Hz. How do you get your brain going that low? Not with ordinary sound!

The binaural beat works, sweeping your eyes back and forth can be done at that frequency, but it would be hard to start sweeping your eyes at a faster rate and working down. You could do percussion with drum beats (not the actual tones of the drum) or flashing lights at the requisite frequencies. In Europe, you can buy devices with electrodes you clip on your ears that entrain the brain just like holosync, but the FDA won't approve them for sale in the US. Someone once showed me a TIMS unit for pain control that she said had the off-lable use of brain entrainment (just the thing for triggering a kundillini episode).

The whole issue with the good headphones at holosync level 4 is to make sure you've got a audio system that put out those carrier frequencies that are near the limit of typical consumer audio. I once hooked up a pair of good headphones to a signal generator to see what I could hear, and at the lowest frequencies, I could hear something, but in the end, concluded that what I was hearing was the drivers hitting their frames, not a very low frequency sound.

The question is, "is there a percussion, flashing light, or eye sweeping system that is as effective at producing STAGE development as our well engineered binaural beat system?" I don't know of one. Terry Patten wrote a book on Mind-Brain Machines, but I've never read it. I'm sticking with Holosync.

-Mark Evans
Re: Feedback on Holosync, 11 Jul 2007 23:52:11 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:25596pelleB0


I also have to mention that when I first started using Holosync I experienced some very negative feedback as my ego was eager to progress through the series quickly I hammered it and it hurt in terms of massive amount of emotional upheaval.

Hi Robert,

Welcome to these forums!

I agree completely with what you say. Holosync is a very powerful tool and it will not hesitate to kick your ass if you don't use it responsibly.

The benefits you describe are very similar to what I've experienced myself.

Re: Feedback on Holosync, 11 Jul 2007 20:38:52 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:25589RobertWaghmare0


Hi there

I am a long term user of Holosync just fnished level 5 (purification L1) an I have a found it to be a very a useful tool to help me on a number of levels in daily practice.

In particular concentration, learning ability, reflection, personal transformation and growth leading to enhanced awareness and intuitive abilities.  The main feeling I have is that I have become much more emotionally resilienta and am able to let go of conflict situations very quickly interestingly this results in experiencing less conflict in my life.

I have been using this technology for about 6 years now.

I also have to mention that when I first started using Holosync I experienced some very negative feedback as my ego was eager to progress through the series quickly I hammered it and it hurt in terms of massive amount of emotional upheaval.

Warmest Regards


Re: Feedback on Holosync, 10 Jul 2007 12:00:38 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:25509pelleB0,

I definitely think there are some principles that tie Holosync and EMDR together. The synchronization of the brain halves through watching/hearing a regular frequency would be one of them.

Binaural beats work because there is a different frequency in each ear. For example you might have a carrier frequency of 410 Hz in one ear and 400 Hz in the other one, the resulting binaural frequency is then 10 Hz (the difference between the carrier frequencies). For some reason the brain starts entraining to the differency in frequency between the left and right ear, that is why binaural beats work so well for entrainment.

Re: Feedback on Holosync, 09 Jul 2007 15:32:49 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:25466edison0

Hi Pelle,

     My memory (it has been a few years) that the drumming frequency is in the 1- 3 Hz range.  I remember a Shammanic induction CD that had (my estimate) drum beats at about 90 beats per minute or 1.5 Hz.  (Anybody who might have access to Michael Harner's Way of the Shaman is welcome to correct me please!)    I am a bit curious about carrier vs. beat frequency.   Drum beats are sound impulses that probably have many, many frequency components, but repeat at a frequency of 1-3 Hz.  I don't think I've ever listened to a pure sine wave at 1-5 Hz, I don't know if I could detect the amplitude fluctuations or not (increasing and decreasing loudness)  I do know listening to a tuning fork at moderate frequencies (around 400 Hz), I can't detect any variations, it just sounds like a pure tone.   I suspect that the beat frequency or biaural frequency is more similar to "impulses" like drum beats in order to create entrained brain waves.  I was under the impression that the biaural technology was comfort trick so one wouldn't be annoyed by listening to a mentranome for an hour.  I would also say there seems to be some congruence to EMDR ((Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which is used in pyschological therapy to help reduce sensitivities to triggers, traumas, scripts.  In EMDR, usually one watches lights or a finger moving, etc and sometimes it's accompanied by a sound, and the frequency range seems to be in the .75-2 ish Hz range.  My experience is that EMDR  Shammanic journeying were very similar, and the dreams I have had during "turbulent" periods with Holosync to be similar as well.  I really don't have anything more than this ancedotal evidence to tie all this stuff together, but I do find it suggestive.



Re: Feedback on Holosync, 06 Jul 2007 23:16:28 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:25363pelleB0

I've always been curious about the frequency range for the "higher" Holosync levels seems to match the frequency range for sonic induction for Shammanic journeying. (at least according to Harner's book.)  If so, I guess this would be a technology for inducing subtle state (only).  Does that match folk's understanding/experience here?


Hi Brian,

Holosync takes you from alpha brainwaves, through theta, and all the way down to delta/sub-delta. Theta corresponds to subtle states, and delta corresponds to causal states - so for most of the time your brain is immersed in a state the corresponds to causal (delta).

When discussing frequencies it's important to distinguish between the binaural frequency and the carrier frequencies. The binaural frequencies correspond to alpha, theta and delta, ie starting at 12ish and going all the way down to 0.3 hz. The carrier frequencies OTOH, change for each level, with the general trend being a lowering of the carrier frequency.

I don't know what the frequency range is for sonic induction of Shamanic journeying. Do you have some rough numbers there?

Re: Feedback on Holosync, 06 Jul 2007 20:29:08 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:25351colinwolf0

Brian, you wrote: I've always been curious about the frequency range for the "higher" Holosync levels seems to match the frequency range for sonic induction for Shammanic journeying. (at least according to Harner's book.)  If so, I guess this would be a technology for inducing subtle state (only).  Does that match folk's understanding/experience here?

My understanding is that lucid subtle state experiences can be induced using entrainment technology. I haven't yet experienced that using this technology; however, I have experienced it using other means, so I believe that it's possible.

Re: Feedback on Holosync, 06 Jul 2007 17:09:14 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:25337edison0

A couple of observations from my experience-

I'm now at Purification 1- this is the only level I experienced much "turbulence", mostly vivid dreams and a bit of restlessness while listening.

I also sit zazen daily (without Holosync).  When I get settled I have the experience of  a high pitched ringing, not "in my ears", but seemingly from the middle of my skull!  My head hasn't exploded (yet), so I try to remain in non-seeking, letting whatever arise and fall away.

I started up Holosync with the rest of my ILP, therefore it's difficult to specifically pin causative positive effects on it.  But in general, I'd say that it's as value priced.  That doesn't mean affordable, just that I feel I get my money's worth out of it.

I've always been curious about the frequency range for the "higher" Holosync levels seems to match the frequency range for sonic induction for Shammanic journeying. (at least according to Harner's book.)  If so, I guess this would be a technology for inducing subtle state (only).  Does that match folk's understanding/experience here?



Re: Feedback on Holosync, 06 Jul 2007 16:43:31 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:25336colinwolf0

Hi Ambo! FYI, I responded to your PM.

One thing is clear: entrainment technology is a powerful tool!