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Anyone here from Scotland?

Last post 11-07-2006, 3:30 PM by adastra. 2 replies.
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  •  10-20-2006, 3:19 PM 11796

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    Anyone here from Scotland?


    The person who introduced me to Integral theory now lives in South Africa...

    The person I introduced to Integral theory is now off to Malawi!

    I'd be REALLY keen to meet up or talk to folk closer to there anybody out there?




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  •  10-21-2006, 5:26 AM 11871 in reply to 11796

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    Re: Anyone here from Scotland?

    Hi Jane,

    Yes! I'm very interested in Integral Theory particularly as a framework for healthier organisations. Let me know if you'd enjoy a conversation.

    best wishes,


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  •  11-07-2006, 3:30 PM 14168 in reply to 11796

    Re: Anyone here from Scotland?

    Hi, I'm passing this on from my friend Tiki; she can't post in Community Forums.

    Guess what, I have neighbours!!!!!!!!!! I found a thread on the community forum , looking for Scottish people and there are 2.

    Oh yeah, I have naked sky and spiritual sky, but not community sky, so I can't talk back to them.

    Spiral and JaneyB, if you read this I sent you both a PM, you would need to click on INBOX to read it. The current software doesn't tell us when we have mail, it's a sort of initiative test............

    We'll have a Forum gathering in Scotland yet, and then you'll all HAVE to come and visit!

    Thank you


    It's so cool, taking these interactions from the screen into real life - some of my best friends (and lovers Stick out tongue [:P]) have shown up in my life this way.

    spiral on,

    IIzaadz pod - - combines the best of I-I and zaadz. If you're turquoise and you know it, drop on by. :)

    "You've never seen everything." - Bruce Cockburn
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