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Integral Naked on YouTube

Last post 07-25-2007, 11:47 AM by pattye. 8 replies.
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  •  11-21-2006, 2:16 PM 15336

    Integral Naked on YouTube

    Many of y'all have probably already noticed this, but we now have select Integral Naked clips uploaded to YouTube.  I encourage anyone who can to view/rate the videos, so that we can begin making a real noticable presence on YouTube!

    And now that Google bought YouTube, maybe in a month or so our banner will read "Get Naked on GooTube!"  Now there's an image....


    Corey W. deVos (dj rekluse)
    Brand Manager, Integral Naked
    Audio Manager, Integral Institute
    Managing Editor,
  •  12-01-2006, 8:19 PM 15748 in reply to 15336

    Re: Integral Naked on YouTube

    Major kudos to Corey and whoever else put the YouTube material together - this will be very helpful in getting people interested in the I-I material and the integral worldview!  Smile [:)]

    As moderator of IIzaadz, I decided to make these clips even more accessible, so I made a list of the individual clips with links and the descriptions that are given on the YouTube site, with some introductory text.  This makes it particularly easy to send to people through email or posting.

    I particularly like the fact that there is a lot of material that would be good to send to the more rationally minded individuals, and feel especially appreciative of "Ken Stops His Brainwaves" - I'm going to send that link to the guy who's doing brainwave biofeedback with me these days.

    One video I would LOVE to see posted on YouTube is Ken's recent Ayahuasca video - that has very important perspectives and I would be thrilled to be able to send a YouTube link to people interested in that subject.  Corey, please consider adding that one.  Big Smile [:D]

    spiral out,


    Here is a list of all the Integral Naked videos currently posted on YouTube, with links and descriptions; they can be viewed for free. Please feel free to post these links and descriptions – in whole or part - to other pods or forums, or send them in email, to whoever you think would be interested. I plan to start discussion threads on a lot of these in the IIzaadz pod (forum) as time allows. I love that this material is available to anyone free of charge, and hope that it will draw more attention to the wealth of material available on the Integral Institute websites.

    It would be interesting if integrally-oriented people with opposing views or differences of opinion posted their own video pieces on YouTube, and I would also point out that posting samples of animated DVD's or other such products there is a great way to draw attention to one's work.

    Ken Wilber Stops His Brain Waves

    You already knew that Ken has no heart, now we find out that he has no brain, either! That's right, Ken can stop his brainwaves on demand. Actually—and in a more serious vein—this is the famous EEG machine recording where Ken enters various meditative states, one of which is a type of "thoughtless," "image-less," or "formless" state, whose correlate is that his brainwaves come to an almost complete stop, as clearly recorded on this portable electroencephalograph (EEG) machine. (This video is discussed in One Taste, April 10 entry.)

    We asked Ken to do a short 10-minute commentary on these various meditative states and the corresponding brain-wave patterns that are shown on the EEG machine in the video. Ken enters four meditative states (nirvikalpa closed eyes, nirvikalpa open eyes, sahaj, and mantra-savikalpa), each of which has a very distinctive brain-wave pattern. In his commentary, Ken emphasizes that the patterns shown on this machine may or may not be typical, but they do emphasize that profound consciousness states can be evoked at will, and these show immediate correlation in brain-wave patterns.

    If nothing else, seeing somebody's brainwaves flatline in about 4 seconds is a sight not easily forgotten! It also explains why we once heard Ken's girlfriend say, upon delivering news that she thought might not be happily received, "Now, um, honey, make your brain waves go to zero...."

    More seriously, as Ken often says, "If you want to know God, you've got to get your brain out of the way first. It's just one big stupid filter...."

    Please see the Integral Naked website for more information.

    The Stuart Davis Show – Episode 1 – Genpo Roshi

    The Stuart Davis Show – Episode 2 – Featuring Aja Bell Davis

    The Stuart Davis Show - Episode 3

    You may already be familiar with the many antics of Stuart Davis, regular guest host of Integral Naked and one of the integral scene's most prominent artists, with eleven full-length albums under his belt. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already been exposed (often without consent) to Stuart's infectious personality, exemplified by his earlier forays into film making which became the notorious StuCam series. Well, the Kosmic Jester is at it again, taking on his most ambitious and controversial project yet—one which is guaranteed to entertain, enlighten, and occasionally nauseate you—a one-man episodic talk show, written, produced, performed, and edited by Stuart himself.

    Descartes: Reviving the West's Greatest Modern Vedantist

    René Descartes' famous phrase, "Cogito, ergo sum"—"I think, therefore I am"—is thought by postmodern theory to be the essence of the modern West's anti-body, anti-earth, phallologocentric imperialistic bent. In this clip, Ken explains how the postmodern critique of Cartesian dualism only gets the story half-right, ignoring the profound contribution of a philosopher who actually linked consciousness and being in a manner as profound as the greatest causal sages, East or West.

    Ken Wilber – Love Until It Hurts

    In "Love Until It Hurts," Ken discusses the nature of women's spiritual practice and suggests some of the important ways that it differs from men's.

    Taste the Love in Food

    Following the April 2005 Integral Consciousness seminar, Chef Eric Giesbrecht of Calgary, Alberta brought his culinary expertise to an evening with the Integral Institute staff, sharing the results of his own exploration into the nature of "Integral Cuisine."
    From a five-year odyssey through Integral Theory and applying that theory to both food and his life, Chef Giesbrecht looks into the significance of cooking as not only a way to nourish the body but a way of bringing people together.


    DRAWDOWN is a single channel video piece directed by Phoenix Perry in collaboration with Arnold Steiner and sound by Brian Jackson (Infinite Volume) completed in 2004 for the Reline DVD compilation.

    Drawdown: the process by which the dominant species in an ecosystem uses up the surrounding resources faster than they can be replaced.

    Drawdown explores the relationship between man, machine, environment and the culture of greed in the world. Looking at the body as both a polluted system and a vehicle for enlightenment, we see the human form as an evolving machine empty of meaning in and of itself. In this context, the delusions of ego and self-importance become clear.

    Drawdown suggests we look beyond our own selfish desire to see the vast beauty and abundance of the world around us.

    As we look for the basic meaning of human existence amidst a technological culture, we must question if our technologies aid human evolution or accelerates the process of extinction. The answer immediately reveals the state of the human consciousness each man crafts into the world.

    Saul Williams – Coded Language

    Saul recently came through town for a spoken-word performance at the University of Colorado in Boulder, in support of his recent book The Dead Emcee Scrolls. We were fortunate enough to be able to capture the evening on video, so that we could share with you all. Enjoy!

    The Mystic Heart – Part 1 – The Supreme Identity

    The Mystic Heart - Part 2 – A Likely Story

    The Mystic Heart – Part 3 – Intellectual Illumination

    The Mystic Heart – Part 4 – All Reality In One Moment

    The Mystic Heart – Part 5 – Psychosis or Mystical State?

    The Mystic Heart – Part 6 – Picking a Path

    The Mystic Heart – Part 7 – Out of the Self, Into the Light

    In this dialogue series, Brother Wayne Teasdale and Ken Wilber discuss the advent of an integral mysticism in the postmodern world. Reflecting on their own spiritual experiences, the relation of science to spirituality, the lives of the great inter-spiritual pioneers, and how youth culture is revitalizing the mystical traditions, Brother Wayne and Ken show how an integral perspective can bring the revelations of mysticism into everyday life. In so doing, we learn to give fullest expression—as parents and professionals, students and seekers—to the Mystic Heart in each of us.

    If, as historian Arnold Toynbee put it, the introduction of Buddhism into the West "may well prove to be the most important event of the 20th century," we might also argue that the re-discovery of the contemplative roots of Christianity will be equally important. And as we enter the 21st century, it stands to reason that the recognition of a common mystical ground between Buddhism, Christianity, and the other World Religions will be the most important event of all.

    Ken Wilber – Erogenous Zones of Life, Light and Emptiness

    How to make love with all three bodies! No, we aren't talking about a threeway (though that's not necessarily out of the question...) Here Ken Wilber talks about what it means to fuck with your physical body (Life) your subtle body (Light) and your causal body (Emptiness). So pour yourself a glass of wine, throw on some Barry White, and enjoy ;-)

    Fred Kofman – Being, Consciousness, Bliss

    Kofman explains that Integral Consciousness is not a place at which you can arrive. Rather, it is climbing a ladder that is made of the very place for which you are reaching.

    Tami Simon – Mixing Business and Pleasure

    At the recent Integral Institute seminar on Integral Business, Tami Simon and Ken Wilber held a dialogue for an intimate audience of seminar participants and guests.

    Tami Simon is the founder of Sounds True, North America's largest publisher of spoken word spiritual teachings, a business which models itself as both "mission-driven and profit-driven," honoring "authenticity, open communication, and creativity." In this clip, Tami speaks about running an integral business in the real world, from spirit to the bottom line.

    David Deida – A Seminar of Sexual Yoga – Sexuality As Art

    In this clip, Deida polls the audience on their sexual realizations, then sends them into hysterics as he pantomimes a handful of hilariously imbalanced sexual personas. He then respectfully ruminates on the therapeutic deficiencies of the great Ramana Maharshi, before making the counterintuitive claim that the world's greatest artists touch us so deeply BECAUSE of their imbalance! Enjoy....

    David Deida – A Seminar of Sexual Yoga – Function, Form and Glow

    In this introduction clip, Deida explains the difference between Therapy, Yoga, and Spiritual Practice as they pertain to sexuality. While Therapy deals with "function," and Spiritual Practice with "glow," Deida sets the stage for a discussion of the actual "flow" of Yogic energy, to be the focus of subsequent clips.

    Ken Wilber – Spirituality and the 3 Strands of Deep Science

    The three strands of deep science—injunction, apprehension, confirmation—give us a reliable methodology for learning about both the world without and the world within. Want to know what the moons of Jupiter look like? Look through a telescope. Want to know what satori is? Sit down and count your breaths. While you're at it, have a couple friends do the same thing, and then compare notes. After all, if your experience of satori involves becoming one with a jelly donut, you, um, might want to see if that happened to anyone else....

    The Most Conflict Ridden Turf in the Known Universe

    Three civilizations, three levels of development, and one shared mindset: everyone else is wrong. Such is the tinder in the inferno of suffering that is the Middle East today....

    Stuart Davis and Ed Kowalczyk

    Stuart Davis, Ed Kowalczyk (of the band Live), and Ken recently held a conference to explore Art and Integral Life Practice. What followed was an afternoon of vibrant discussion and electrifying performances.

    The following clip is a duet with Stuart and Eddie performing the Stuart Davis song, "Smoke"— which he originally wrote with Eddie in mind.

    What is Integral Psychotherapy?

    This clip, featuring Jeff Soulen, was recorded during a recent Integral Psychotherapy seminar in May 2006.

    Stuart Davis – Universe Communion

    In July of 2005, Stuart headlined the closing weekend of the famous Penny Lane in Boulder.

    Stuart Davis and Saul Williams – April Showers, April Tears

    From Stuart:

    "One of the great pleasures of working on this new album was collaborating with Saul Williams. Saul is a long time inspiration, truly one of the greatest geniuses of hip hop, or any genre of creativity. Ever since I got his CD Amethyst Rock Star my life and art have been enriched by his unsurpassed vision and craft. I've been lucky enough to become friends with him too, and when I asked him to be a guest on this new album, he took a day off, came to the studio, and not only provided the backing vocals on Easter (which fucking ROCK), but he also wrote a poem, on the spot for me to use as an intro. That poem, which he wrote in the studio, sitting in front of the sound board on a yellow legal pad, listening to four bars of Easter loop over and over to lock him into the vibe -that poem- became April Showers, April Tears, and it is the companion piece to Easter. On the CD, it proceeds it directly, and is an extension of it. It really gave me the chills being there with Saul as he wrote, and then recorded it on the spot. It's pure magic on the album, and it was one of the high lights of my year. Can't thank him enough for that. Here it is, but you really need to hear it as rendered by Saul. Which you will, when you get the CD."

    Saul Williams – Children of the Night

    At an "Integral Art" weekend at Ken's Boulder house in 2003, 20 integral artists and thinkers gathered to discuss art and spirituality. After an opening discussion on the nature and practice of integral art, the participants flowed into a series of spontaneous performances, where Saul graced us with this....

    Ken Wilber – Anchoring I-Amness

    Following a powerful Big Mind session led by Genpo Roshi, Ken uses the integral framework to help contextualize the group's collective state of everpresent consciousness. Having such an integral map allows for a spirituality which fully acknowledges the presence of states, stages, and shadows, lending towards a truly cutting-edge and comprehensive spirituality, the likes of which has never before in the history of the world been possible--until now.

    Crazy Wisdom Bob

    Emilio is funny, and God wants you to laugh. So just watch this....

    IIzaadz pod - - combines the best of I-I and zaadz. If you're turquoise and you know it, drop on by. :)

    "You've never seen everything." - Bruce Cockburn
  •  12-02-2006, 2:01 PM 15769 in reply to 15748

    Computer [co] Re: Integral Naked on YouTube


    Thanks for your efforts, and for your thinking of us, by cataloging Ken's UTube postings.

    These old threads aren't what they were and I hope they return to their former vigor.  It'll take me a bit to gather the pluck to learn how to navigate on Zaadz but I expect you'll see me there soon.



    Just enough enlightenment for this time around, please.
  •  12-02-2006, 4:28 PM 15770 in reply to 15748

    Re: Integral Naked on YouTube

    Attachment: dahlia.jpg
    Unbelievable, Arthur. I'm stunned that anyone would go to such lengths to make this stuff easily available on a single page. Will copy your post and take the next few weeks to click on the links.

    How to thank you?

  •  12-02-2006, 5:36 PM 15774 in reply to 15769

    Re: Integral Naked on YouTube



    Thanks for your efforts, and for your thinking of us, by cataloging Ken's UTube postings.

    These old threads aren't what they were and I hope they return to their former vigor.  It'll take me a bit to gather the pluck to learn how to navigate on Zaadz but I expect you'll see me there soon.


    Looking forward to seeing you in zaadzspace, Mark - you'll find lots of forum friends waiting for you there with open arms.  Smile [:)]

    spiral out,


    IIzaadz pod - - combines the best of I-I and zaadz. If you're turquoise and you know it, drop on by. :)

    "You've never seen everything." - Bruce Cockburn
  •  12-02-2006, 5:38 PM 15775 in reply to 15770

    Re: Integral Naked on YouTube

    Unbelievable, Arthur. I'm stunned that anyone would go to such lengths to make this stuff easily available on a single page. Will copy your post and take the next few weeks to click on the links. How to thank you? ________________


    You're welcome, Mascha.  Smile [:)]

    How to thank me?  Simple - have tea with Tamgoddess and me sometime.  Big Smile [:D]

    spiral out,


    IIzaadz pod - - combines the best of I-I and zaadz. If you're turquoise and you know it, drop on by. :)

    "You've never seen everything." - Bruce Cockburn
  •  07-24-2007, 10:46 PM 26334 in reply to 15775

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    Re: Integral Naked on YouTube

    And for the Non-Integral and Ashamed to be Naked, I've compiled this on GodTube

    Sorry Arthur, the Orange in me couldn't resist.

    Peace & Prosperity

    Paul Williams
  •  07-25-2007, 11:46 AM 26358 in reply to 26334

    Re: Integral Naked on YouTube

    Thank You so much Author.   I thought I would be the only one.  For some reason, I think others already know.  This is a real Gift.  One of your shared Gifts.

    Namaste     Pattye

    PS  Those other pictures are going to come eventually.   PTG

  •  07-25-2007, 11:47 AM 26359 in reply to 15336

    Re: Integral Naked on YouTube

    Thanks Corey.    Pattye
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