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At Home in Esalen

Last post 12-01-2006, 9:35 AM by rkrkrk. 2 replies.
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  •  11-27-2006, 7:42 PM 15597

    At Home in Esalen

    Tomorrow, I will be moving to Esalen in Big Sur, CA, which is three hours south of S.F.  I'm very proud to be part of one of the best integral spiritual centers in the nation.  My trip to the Far East has been postponed until this next summer.  The plan is to make a life-long journey, and this apparently is going to take more preperation.  With most of my music behind me, I can look forward to concentrating on other aspects of my development such as poetry, self-identity, and self-relatedness to this forum.  I have not been posting, but I have been around every week, never missing a dialogue.  Though, my computer was on the glitch for the past couple weeks so I'm a little behind on my reading.  With seven floors, plus the new multiplex, there is just an enormous amount of information.  More often than not, the quality overwhelms the quantity.  I stand by the new multiplex, the new naked, and the improvements to I-I, especially with the Integral Spiritual Centers.  I have noticed many new avatars who are venerated experts by now, and am especially happy to see that many of us who have been here since the birth of Naked are still around. 
    I may not be able to fully explain my absence as a poster, other than that I was focusing on inner lines of development that were supposidly dynamically charged with universal consciousness.  I spent a lot of time in the absolute realm, that is unless the ultimate reality includes me.   I, often, appear suddenly, then dissapear, and this may be one of those times.  Yet, you should know that I'm always around even if I don't post for months.  For me, it is not necessarily the amount of posts that make a great forum contributer, but the number and signifigance of each post, so that there may be something new and exciting to discover one-step at a time.  I have many fun puzzles and games planned for you, and sequels to some of my more popular threads such as; Shadow Boxing, Living Fiction, Erotic with a Kapitol, What are you listening to..., and perhaps some others.  Though, I am not sure when they will be ready for the great minds, here, at the forum.  As related earlier, I completely respect the majority of dialogue had here, beside the occasional disfragmented thread (or word).  I am also worried about the take-over of Zaadz and other such places, as well as, the treatment of some of our most informed integralites.  I hope to continue to see those who contribute to contribute, to stay informed, and  to always treat this forum with a great sense of gravity, to treat it as a sacred space, and to remember that which we could only co-create as long as we were coming from our Highest Self. 
    I have been spending many hours in contemplation.   Busying myself with the art of swimming, the unshakeable warrior, and the goings-on of political upheaval.  I have been studying Japanese intensely, playing with it in an attempt and failure kind of way, toying with sounds until I think I've gotten something.  I have an excellent book on learning Tibetan on its way, though there is nothing like actually being in community.  I've attended quite a few of the Sunday talks given up at the SLC Zen Koan Center by Diane Hamilton, Genpo Roshi, and other kindred souls.  In the community I'll be joining at Esalen, I will be able to attend a morning meditation and yoga session everyday, getting my yoga certification along the way.  Plus, I get to attend special staff workshops.
    Part of the reason I'm writing you, is to invite you to come a spend a week at the retreat center.  I know some of you live within driving distance, and I would love to meet you.  Perhaps, we could organize an integral weekend at Esalen!  California Integral Institute is a big influence and holds workshops there.  I also heard a rumor about Esalen trying to get Ken to come down for a weekend, so I'll get back to you guys on that. But, there is all kinds of stuff going-on every week, and I'm sure you could find one that suits you.  The following is a list of workshops in the near future, you can also go to to find out more:

    Weekend of December 1-3

    White Lotus Poetry Workshop     MenShare            Intro to Gestalt Awareness
    Ellen Bass          Mark Stevens & Matt Englar-Carlson   Christine Stewart Price

    Yoga-The Anatomy of Asana                 Inner Clarity (IC)
    Harvey Deutch & Sarana Miller          Debra Greene

    Week of December 3-8

    Making a Difference:    
    Creating a Sustainable World                                             
    Maggie Seely, Zaida Amaral & Kat Steele                           

    The MAX: Stretching the Limits of
    Your Self-Expression
    Paula Shaw

    Gestalt Awareness
    Christrine Stewart Price

    Weekend of December 8-10

    Intro to Natural Capitalism       Being Present for Your Life:
    and the Resource Efficiency     Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation
    Revolution                                                        James Baraz
    Amory Lovins

    Advanced Yoga Practice
    Mark Whitwell

    Improv Alchemy: Brewing Something from Nothing
    Paula Shaw

    Week of December 10-15 - (I shall be attending)   

    The Transformational Enneagram:              Spiritual Massage: Lightbody Infusion                   
    Mindfulness, Insight, and Experience          Maria Lucia Bittencourt Sauer
    Russ Hudson

    The Endless Path-Freedom from            Your Own Yoga from the Source
    Addiction, Freedom to Live                   Mark Whitwell 
    Julie Bowden & Chris Chouteau

    Weekend of December 15-17

    Stronger at the Broken Places:               Love Yourself-
    Relationship Challenges as Initiatory       For Everyone Else's Sake
    Experiences                                          Mark Abramson
    Charlie & Linda Bloom

    Emergence: Nature's Mode of Creativity
    Ursula Goodenough

    Women and Aging:
    An Ageless Conversation
    Paula Shaw

    Weekend of December 22-24

    Experiencing Esalen   

    The Long Conversation between                   
    Writing and Drawing
     Phil Cousineau & Gregg Chadwick              
    Healing (with Humor):  Feldenkrais and Energy Work
     for Spinal Awareness
      Patrick Douce 

    A Holiday Gift for Your Partner and              Straw into Gold: The Alchemy of
    You: Esalen Massage for Couples                 First-Person Writing
    Carl Chase & Deborah Anne Medow         Katy Butler

    Week of December 24-29

    Building Bridges: A Multicultural  
    Celebration of Art, Spirit, and         
    Chief Sonne Reyna, Jayson Fann     
    & Abbey Onikoyi

    A Big, New, Free, Happy, Unusual
    Life: Self-Expression and Spiritual Practice
    Nina Wise

    Transition: Having What It Takes
    David Schiffman

    SoulMotion: Tenderness at the      A Seasonal Celebration:
    Heart of the Dance                       Message and Meditation
    Zuza Engler                                  Char Pias & Vicki Topp

    Weekend of December 29-31

    Humor and Other Martial Arts: The     Constructive Living     Yoga Weekend:
    Rubenfeld Synergy Method                 David Reynolds         A  Time for Renewal
    Ilana Rubenfield                                                     Deborah Anne Meadow    

    Music and Creativity, Sound and Rhythm     Esalen Massage Intensive
    Adam Rudolph                                            Tom Case &  Rachel Fann

    Week of December 31-January 5

    Revealing, Reinventing, and         
    Renewing: A New Year's Resolution                 
    for Singles                                                                                 
    Constance Jones Maas                                                           
    The Tao and the Art of Everything
    David Streeter 

    The Duet of Talk and                                                                                        
    Touch: An Approach for
    the 21st Century-
    The Rubenfield Synergy
    Ilana Rubenfield

    Stratagies for Life Balancing-               Reclaiming the Man in the Mirror:
    Art, Dreams, and Creative Problem-   Sex, Love, and Commitment for Gay Men
    Solving                                                Joe Kort
    Anne Sayre Wiseman

    Weekend of January 5-7

    Bioethics and the Future                      
    of the Human Race                       
    David Deamer & Elen Suckiel     

    Unraveling Your Personal History
    (in a way that will change the world)
    Char Pias & David Streeter

    Weekend Massage Intensive
    Meridith Haberfield & Lauren Zander

    What's Next the Path of Self-Renewal       The Legacy of Humanistic           
    Gustavo Rabin & Marc Nicolson            Psycotherapy Reconsidered
                                                                     Leonard Bearne & Eric Ericson

    Week of January 7-12

    The Spirit of Percussion                                                   
    Arito Moriera, Diane Moriera Booker,    
    and Krishna Booker                                                        
    The I in the Storm:
    Self-Leadership to Everyday Life
    Richard Shwartz

    A Yoga Practice in   
    Presence: Moving onto Center                                                                                   
    Thomas Michael Fortel                                                                                                                     & Charu Rachlis

    Child/Adolescent Trauma Treatment        
    Ricky Greenwald

    Weekend of January 12-14

    Cultivating the Wisdom Heart:                   
    Spiritual Practice and Meditation           
    from the Kabbalist Tradition                                                                              
    Rabbi Avram Davis

    Advanced Esalen Massage Intensive
    Daniela Urbassek & Johanna Holloman

    The Art of Mindful Loving
    David Richo

    Living a Passionate Life: Discover                   
    Your Natural Desire, Abundant Energy                            
    and Healing                                                
    Rachel Carlton Abrams & Lisa Carlton                                                        

    Money as a Transformative Tool
    Toward Consiousness
    Richard Glantz, Mayuri Onerhiem

    Ageless Vitality: Your
    Body's Wisdom in
    Elisa Lodge

    Week of January 14-19

    Soul Motion: Begin Again             
    Vinn Marti                               
    The Courage to Be You:
    Letting Go and Moving On                                                           
    Mary Goldenson                                                                                           

    Cinema Alchemy: 
    Using the Power of
    Movies for Transfromational Healing                                                                                   
    Birgit Wolz

    Massage Intensive
    David Streeter & Robin Fann-Costanzo

    Weekend of January 19-21

    The "Soul-Mirror" Relationship         
    Barry and Joyce Vissel                                 
    Rosen Method Bodywork: Accessing                                                           
    the Unconcious through Touch     
    Jane Malek                                                                                                            

    Essence and Alchemy:
    A Natural Perfume Workshop
    Mandy Aftel

    Coaching: A Relational Gestalt                     
    Cathe Carlson & Stanly Nabozny                                 

    Mindfulness and Heartfulness:
    The Healing and Transformation of
    Mind and Body 
    Fred Luskin & Marc Abramson

    Rest, Rejuvination and Renewal: The Courage to Pause                                                 
    David Schiffman

    Week of January 21-26

    Coaching Excellence:                               
    Process Work and Semantic                                                     
    Methods for Leadership Coaching                                                                   
    Stephen Schuitevoerder & Til Luchau                                                         

    Reclaiming the Ancient Dreamways
    Robert Moss

    From Form to Formless
    Yoga Asana and Meditation
    Tias & Surya Little

    Radical Aliveness:                              Deep Tissue Skills for
    A Core Energetics Workshop             Massage
    Ann Bradney                                    Perry & Johanna Holloman

    Drawing on the Right Side 
    of the Brain
    Lynda Greenburg    

    Weekend of January 26-28

    Experience Esalen             
    Writing About Our Lives   
    Elen Bass                                                                           
    The Mind/Body Connection  
    Enhancing the Body's Ability  
    to Heal and Function Optimally
    Stephen Sideroff & Michael Sinel

    Finding True Love                Sensitive Chaos
    Daphne Rose Kingma        Seymour Carter

    An Early Valentine for Couples
    Dean Marson & Ginger Holladay

    Week of January 28-February 2

    Finding Your Lost Musician                  
    David Darling            
    The Way of the Shaman:  
    Nature, Power, and Healing
    Nan Moss & David Corbin                                                  

    Spinal Awareness for Health
    and Healing (with Humor):
    Felendrais and Energy Work for                                                                                                Bodyworkers
    Patrick Douce
    Food, Body Image, and Eating                     Self-Corrective Mechanisms-
    Disorders: Life-Cycle Issues                         The Fluid System
    Judith Rabinor & Anne Kearny-Cooke         Susan Pinto

    For more information on the workshops you can download the Catalogue at  Notice that there are daily workshops in addition to the ones listed, almost everyday there is something to do whether in art, music, physical development, or other miscellaneous intellectual pursuits.  Prices range from anywhere between $500 for weekends to $1200 for a whole week.  There are scholarships available, and cheaper arrangements for those not staying on property.  I was able to get a nice roomy trailor home to myself on a sweet piece of land overlooking the ocean (my mom's the new CFO there, so it wasn't much trouble).   There are four extra beds, and plenty of room for guests.   If you have any questions about the retreats themselves or making things financially possible, please contact me either by PM or e-mail.   Hopefully, we can arrange an Integral Naked gathering at some point, I would love to facilitate it.  Until next time....

    Much Peace,

    "Ω =∞x∞^∞" - Wayne Teasdale
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  •  11-29-2006, 7:16 AM 15676 in reply to 15597

    Re: At Home in Esalen


    Just wanted to wish you succes on the next stage of your journey, keep an aye out for young max, whoi I think might still be there. One day i want to do a road trip that'll take me past Esalen's door, if it ever happens I certainly plan to stop in.




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  •  12-01-2006, 9:35 AM 15733 in reply to 15597

    Re: At Home in Esalen

    Hi mcenter,

    Good to have your presence here visable again!  So glad you have found a home in Esalen.........I've not attended any events there, but have been in the area and have always felt a deep connection to its rich history in pioneering human potential, many of the remarkable folks, learning and practices that have emerged from there...........another connection is that the abbot of the Zen Center here in Omaha spent a great deal of time in training there..........

    Your idea of an integral gathering there sounds wonderful..........

    Warm Regards,


    "No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness that created it in the first place!"

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