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2012 Futher of Mankind

Last post 06-01-2007, 10:01 PM by casolarphoenix. 3 replies.
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  •  05-05-2007, 12:57 PM 22334

    2012 Futher of Mankind

    A absolute must , if haven´t seen it you don´t know what you are in

    911 Myster
    Futher of Mankind
    America Freedom to Fascism
    I want the Earth
    Money as Debt
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  •  05-22-2007, 6:19 AM 23120 in reply to 22334

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    Re: 2012 Futher of Mankind

    Has anyone watched this? Curious. I was skeptical due to the total disregard for proper English by the poster, but so far (30 mins in) it sounds pretty intriguing. It is something I am definitely interested in learning about, and I wonder if anyone else falls in a category with me?
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  •  05-22-2007, 8:41 AM 23128 in reply to 23120

    Re: 2012 Futher of Mankind

    OH NO, JB - I just wrote for about a half hour after watching a half hour and I pushed a wrong button on my computer and lost my post. No way, I can do it again. Sorry.

    I appreciated your question.

    I appreciated the attractiveness of this man, his apparent sincerity, the mastery of his presentation that wove history, folk knowledge, myth, images of art, quotes of impassioned perceptive people, common sense resonation with the world of rythyms, cycles, seasons, and a bit of science, like the word photons. I think he is quite masterful, and I couldn't help liking the guy.

    It was persuasive and not proof. The idea that big propositions might want to be supported by big proofs sounds like a reasonable precaution.

    This was artful, powerful and I think it also contained much misdirection and erroneous logical linkings and leaps. I wouldn't try to counter persuade someone as impassioned as max or anyone of any of this. It would be a massive task and probably futile. However, if someone wanted to take that long time and go through and look at it bit by bit, to my thinking/feeling, there are many probitively weak links.

    And, it is a marvelous story with some worthwhile teachings in it. I can't sort the wheat from the chaff though now. And it was a painful bye, bye to my few bullet-pointed questions (among the thousands that could be asked) that I lost to the cyber sphere.

    Thanks for inducing me to watch this. Later, Ambo

    Ambo Suno
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  •  06-01-2007, 10:01 PM 23788 in reply to 23120

    Re: 2012 Futher of Mankind

    hi Justb,
        I've watched almost everyone of the vidoes that max posts.  They are very interesting.  They appeal to the conspiracy theorist in us all.  Some of it is dead on and some of it questionable, but so is everything.  I was fasinated with one about the federal reserve and another about the IRS.  Perhaps Max could find some info about the world bank (or is that the federal reserve to date?)  O I wonder what Max could find about the justice department in and of itself in the past and present.
    eros y agape

    Phoenix Rising Higher
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