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ILP Kit as a tool to facilitate local practice groups

Last post 06-20-2007, 10:04 AM by VJohnB. 4 replies.
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  •  06-05-2007, 3:19 PM 24031

    ILP Kit as a tool to facilitate local practice groups

    Hello fellow practitioners!

    I have heard from many of you that you are interested in using the ILP Kit to facilitate a local practice group, and are interested in some best practices.  Well, I figured that instead of having many separate conversations, let's focus the discussion here for all to see and benefit from.  I will be moderating this forum by encouraging people to participate, offering my perspectives and knowledge from working at I-I, and also listening to what you have to say so I can incorporate that feedback into future developments.

    I know of a few people that have been facilitating a group already, and have asked some of them to share their process and experiences here.  If you have done the same, please share as well.  We'd love to hear about what you did, what worked best, what didn't work so well, any questions you are still considering, etc.  Also, I would suggest that if you'd like to make a post on this, please start a new thread that includes where you're from.  That way we can start to get a sense of where some groups are available.

    If you are someone that's interested in starting a group, please post any questions that you may have on how to go about doing that.  You are also welcome to announce your group here if you are looking for additional members.

    One of the original intentions in creating the ILP Kit was to help facilitate the creation of local groups.  We realize the value and importance of having a community of people to practice with, as we all attempt to live our deepest realization of who we are and what we are here to do.  We are working on some plans to be able to offer greater tools and support for local groups, and this is just the start.  Please let us know how we can best serve you in your Integral journey.

    Many blessings on your journey and a deep bow for all your support,







    Huy Lam
    Chief Development Officer
    Integral Institute
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  •  06-07-2007, 10:48 AM 24138 in reply to 24031

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    Re: ILP Kit as a tool to facilitate local practice groups

    I led a local ILP group here in the Bay Area for a little over a year (March 2006 to April 2007.)

    I used the Starter Kit as the primary text for the group, and we worked with it closely over the first six months. The use of the Kit made it possible for everyone to do homework and show up for our groups already prepared, so that the groups could go much deeper than would have been possible otherwise.

    We also established some clear group agreements. Everyone committed to a regular practice, including meditation, exercise, study, and shadow work. They also committed to spending a couple of hours preparing for each of our groups (which were planned at an average of two week intervals.)

    Using the tools in the Kit, everyone designed the form of their own personalized ILP, and then refined it as their practice deepened.

    The group was powerful and successful. People grew tremendously, and had wonderful things to say about their experience.

    Groups vary. Some will be led by senior practitioners. Others will have rotating leadership or be peer-led. Using the ILP Starter Kit all these approaches can generate a successful sangha through which people can support each other in a life of regular practice.
    Terry Patten
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  •  06-07-2007, 11:33 AM 24144 in reply to 24031

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    Re: ILP Kit as a tool to facilitate local practice groups

    I've been toying with the idea of forming a group for awhile- I haven't summoned up the fortitude to take the plunge, but I'm hopeful that leveraging some of the experience of folks here might lower my resistance.

    A couple of questions:

    What is the minimum (and maximum) number of group members needed to make an ILP group fly? 

    Anybody have some sample agendas from their own meetings?

    My experience has been that  a solid group can really deepen and accelerate shadow work- are there any "gold star" processes/practices for group shadow work (i.e. the group helping the individual, but I'm open to hearing about dealing with collective shadow as well?)

    It seems that having some common touchstone practices would help unify the group-comments?

    Thanks for any and all comments!




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  •  06-12-2007, 12:58 PM 24461 in reply to 24031

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    Re: ILP Kit as a tool to facilitate local practice groups

    Hi Huy

    I thought the forum would be interested in how I set up and facilitated the 1st London Integral Life Practice Group in July  of last year, since I started the group we have been meeting once a month and have held a day long practice, with another to be held in July and a full weekend/night time practice to be held in September.

    I will write from the IT, this will distance from the emotions and feelings developed within the group but it will give you an idea as how the group was set up and run.

    I am a Health Professions Counsel register Drama-psychotherapist trained using a ritual theatre model. This really means that when working therapeutically I use ritual as away of providing a safe space in which people can feel free to express their intention (I).

    The first thing I did was to send out to everyone a breakdown of how I felt the group would run. I tired to ensure that within the breakdown I had touched in on the I. WE, and IT.

    On the day of the group I arrived early and set up an altar, connecting with Terry’s ILP dedication, the altar was set within the four directions using colours to define the four elements.

    The altar helped the group to leave behind the outside world they had come from and make a personal dedication to practice.

    The group met within a circle and we began by introducing ourselves, I did not want people to introduce from the IT, (saying their name, what sort of work they did, etc). So I invited the group to offer their name and drum on the floor with their hand their internal vibration. This is a lovely exercise that allows people to show their interior, without naming feelings.

    Once we had all introduced ourselves I explained the basic plan of ILP, concentrating on the four gold practices, of Body, Mind, Shadow and Spirit, the intention was to touch in with all four of the practices.

    We began with 3 body workout and meditation; I had made an audio of the 35 min KATA to which I had added a 20 min formless meditation. It was important to ensure that the group felt that they understood each process of the 3 body practice, so I made sure that I explained the approach, model anything that the group might find a challenge, and then went over “how to keep yourself physically safe”. I also pointed out the people in the group that had worked with the 3 body before and suggested to people to keep an eye on what they were doing if they needed a visual demonstration of an exercise.

    It was also important to allow people to find their own way through the 3 body, I explained that it was not about getting the exercise right, it was about the I intention within the exercise, I also cautioned the group to make sure that they did not practice from their Shadow, (he is much fitter than me, she can really do the exercise much better then me) 

    Once the 3 body ended we went straight into meditation I had chosen a formless meditation so that the group was free to express their meditation in away that was meaningful for them. This lead to Terry’s dedication, all together the introduction, 3 body and meditation took about 1 hour.

    (I should say that I had set the 3 body and meditation up in a particular way. We began with the audio of the 3 body, to which I had included two mins of preparation for meditation, then a chime followed by 20 mins of silence which ended with a chime, followed by two mins for re-focus back into the group, before the final dedication.).

    As soon as the dedication was over I invited the group to split into two small groups, the groups I divided by a line of cushions. One group were dragons and the other group were gods/goddesses. The two groups then were invited to express their dragon or gods/goddesses, then the groups went to war with dragon and gods/goddesses fighting, I then invited the group to swap over and run through the exercise again. Once everyone had had a chance of express their dragon and gods/goddesses, I invited the group to pick one of the energies and work with that energy.

    As soon as the group was offered this they went back to being themselves. The shadow would not easily allow them to connect with that that was normal repressed.

    I explained how the dragon and gods/goddesses game can help to connect with that which the shadow does not what us to have, a sense of our own power to achieve and fight for what we believe to be right, to use our strength to help in the healing of the world, through AQAL.

    We finally touched in with the Mind, back in the circle, I invited people to share their understanding of practice, to ensure that we stayed in the I, I invited people to use Buber’s genuine dialogue approach. To help people make the right connection I explained that within the middle of the circle was a large well that we could look into, connecting with “what is practice “as the group look into the well if anything came up from the well, they were free to name it. To help people focus we had a reading from One Taste, in which Ken describe an ILP.

    This part of the group was extremely moving as people expressed their I whilst at the same time remaining connected to the other I’s within the group. I really felt that we created an I-Thou.

    We ended the group with the same drumming but this time one person began and others added their vibration until all the group was sharing a vibration. And slowly we found a group vibration, we stayed with the group vibration for a few moments and gently I brought the group to an end.

    Within two hours we had gone from strangers to intimate human being who for a short while shared an I-I relationship.

    I really do believe that AQAL can make a difference; within an ILP we can really get a feel for AQAL, not just as a model but as a way of being, as Ken would say  AQAL gives a simple feeling of being.

    I originally wrote this at 5.30 in the morning (14th of July 2006) the sun was just coming up, it was a beautiful blue clear day, which as I remember was is a little misty as I had  tears in my eye remembering the events of the night of the 14th of July.

    Love and light

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  •  06-20-2007, 10:04 AM 24696 in reply to 24031

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    Re: ILP Kit as a tool to facilitate local practice groups

    Here is the way we have started a New York City ILP group.

    I ran an introduction to Integral Theory & Practice for those with little Integral exposure. (10 in attendence)

    Intro to Integral Theory & Practice
    I used certain tracks of I.O.S. DVD

    1. A Map of Your Own Awareness 10min Play Track 1 & Discuss
    2. The Quadrants 30 min Play track 8 show steve self slide presentation discuss
    3. Developmental Lines & Stages play tracks 3,4,2,5 go over psychograph handout & other handouts 1 hour
    4 Types play track 6 30 min
    5. ILP bunch of handouts play tracks 10,11,12,13 50 min

    I ran a second meeting where we had discussion of the ILP format for the more integrally savy as follows (17 in attendence) :

    How our lives can't be be anything but Integral or the Bodhisattva Vow.

    What are development, growth, stability, variety & contribution?

    The structure & Framework of our human situation & potential.

    How the map makes you look & practice.

    How our praxis informs our map.

    The Perspectives of Being.

    The Intelligences & Stages of Being.

    States & the Lattice.

    Kosmic Addresses.

    The Silver Sufer, Proffesor X, & Jean Grey

    The way we have structured the ILP group is we are using a workshop format that is open for anyone & then we have a core group of six committed people that meet bi-weekly. The workshops are monthly. The core group has a practice partner & we are serving each others practice.

    The next workshop will be:

    Visionizing : The Art of Destiny & the Call of the Daemon

    We will use vision to imagine our lives, connections, development, & practice.
    This vision forms the motivation for practice.

    I am using Tony Robbins' Chapter 12 of Awaken the Giant Within -----> Intgralized

    & the following is the anticipated workshop topics:

    Life Management ---> using GTD with Integral Practice
    Physical Module
    Shadow Module
    Spirit Module
    Mind Module

    Embrace the Mysterious Paradox.
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