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A bridge to the transpersonal with voice dialogue?

Last post 06-28-2007, 11:30 PM by UnTigreDePapier. 2 replies.
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  •  06-28-2007, 7:58 PM 24981

    A bridge to the transpersonal with voice dialogue?

    This is my first time posting, and I'd like to say hello to all my integral friends, whoever or where-ever you may be. 

    I'd like to share a dilemma I'm trying to reach a centered perspective on, and I'd be very grateful to hear anyone's input.  I have been practicing concentration techniques to unveil unity consciousness now for about 7 years.  In that time I have, what feels like at this present moment, been exposed to remarkable transpersonal phenomenon, insomuch as to make it conscious (lucid dreams, acrument of the siddhis, head filling up with light, and so on).  I cannot say with certainty that I've arrived fully at psychic or para-mind consciousness, or even that my COG is centauric.

    The problem I'm having is that I get sideswipped by what seems a deliberate shrinking of my limited self with the prospect of understanding cognitively the phenomenon I'm experiencing.  It almost seems like reason or any attempt at intellectual understanding negates the phenomenon, so much so, that I get cranky with the whole process.  It seems I can't merge myself completely with the level I worked so hard at attaining, either internally with my understanding, or externally, with putting it into form, and the more I search for frameworks to really understand the architecture of this stage, the more I find my core identity shift away from familiarity, or what I think I know to be me?  It's almost like a vast network of inter-marrying forms that spills out and when they enter my awareness, my body-mind responds, with great sensitivity.  I will admit that I get arrogant and tired of living with this schizo-manic oscillation in a culture with so little support and understanding, and willfully choose to enter dumbsville, where I take on a less than, attractive form for the sake of almost denying where I'm at.  You might be familiar with this, you turn on Conan, get passive aggressive, and end up cussing your self, nature, and culture, only to arrive at a dead end and back at the place where you last left off?

    I do understand the work that needs to be done has to happen as a result of my efforts, and really, no one else's, but I'd really like to get down and talk "frameworks", if anyone has input?


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  •  06-28-2007, 8:51 PM 24983 in reply to 24981

    Re: A bridge to the transpersonal with voice dialogue?

    Hi Sean,


    Welcome. Moving from lurk mode to posting mode often proves to be an adventure, often prompted by a bit a courage.


    Its not quite clear to me if you are asking if voice dialogue (ala Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind/Big Heart process) is capable of delineating the structure you typically occupy. If so, the answer is probably not. However, BMBH, especially in the hands of Genpo, has proven to be a marvelous tool for experiencing various states of being, both dual and non-dual. This experience may well facilitate mental clarity about one’s various structures; as a structure is typically a state made stable.


    If it suits your aim, budget, and schedule, my suggestion is to go to the source. Genpo Roshi is scheduled to do BMBH in Santa Fe this August; if that is not an option then his DVD’s are available through his website for purchase; and of course it is possible to download videos of him in action from I-I or elsewhere.


    It’s an inevitability that the more we evolve, the higher our altitude, the fewer peers are to be found; but, by some ‘law’ of inverse proportion the quality of such peer contacts can only improve.





    88W18'28" 41N58'02"               

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  •  06-28-2007, 11:30 PM 24993 in reply to 24983

    Re: A bridge to the transpersonal with voice dialogue?

    I must've used the term improperly.  What I was getting at, was to try and point towards the inner scripts I have for comprehension of the transpersonal realms.  Sometimes, I think I place too much emphasis on the intellectual side of understanding the phenomenon.  Was it, Aurobindo who, in his explanation of the upper tiers of consciousness evolution stated that, one mind (take the Higher) cannot be applied towards the understanding of another (the Illumined)?  Maybe in my introspection I missed that what is probably occuring is a conflict in some level of my egoic structure that convolutes the whole process.  Really, so much has changed in my being just within the last two-to-three years that integration has been an exciting, and at times, confusing experience. 

    To my amazement I've found a really strong handful of people who have about the same altitude.  Which leads me to believe that something miraculous really is occuring in human evolution, as Gopi Krishna, and Aurobindo, and all the Western developmentalists have stated.  This raises a number of fundamental questions I find interesting to ponder- does the current cultural stream of information allow greater access to this new level of consciousness with greater ease than in the past?  Does the "maharishi effect" as described in T.M. apply across a broader knowledge base for humans to tap into, similar to the collective unconscious?  And if so, do these subtle energetic links have some connection to our organic beings that transfer this new evolutionary impulse through a primordial mechanism?  How much of the integral evolution is biologically based and- how much does biological-sensitivity to cosmic energy facilitate evolution in the other lines of development?  I've read in some New Age literature, skeptically, about some dormant genes that are just waiting to emerge to push humans into some magical fourth dimension.  However ludicrous and unsubstaniated I find these claims, it does raise interesting questions about what happens to the physical being when consciousness gains access to the higher domains.  I mean, take for instance some of the siddhis, which bridges gaps between time-and-space- what happens to the molecular structure of the body in those instances? 

    I'd be curious to see what research IS "out there".

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