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Last post 06-23-2006, 3:30 PM by bobmac. 0 replies.
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    ...and the livin is breezy...

    The Multiplex is acutally live!  We've been talking about this for so long that it's hard to believe that we've made it here.  To brace ourself for the droves of oncoming members (platinum), we've opened a call center; so you can now call and talk to an I-I staff member M-F 10-6pm MT ('til 3 on Fri) 866-603-9456.  This is one of the many streamlining renovations we've been piling-on lately.  We've hit something of a delta growth phase... is that what you call it Paul?

    As much as I 'm excited about exponentially increasing our technically sound environment here, I've got some other big projects on my plate right now that are making it difficult to enjoy the summer sun.  I'm performing video work for the Stuart Davis show tommorrow night at Trilogy here in Boulder.  It's been a while since I've done this kind of work, so I'm nervous but also glad that I get to explore this part of my repertoire that I've invested so much of my studies to.

    Directly after that I'm driving out west to Berkeley for one of the largest Capoeira encounters in North America.  The father of my lineage, Mestre Acordeon, hosts this event every summer and gets guest Mestres from around the world to help build the fire.

    Soon after that, I will be acting as Media Manager for our first ILP2 Seminar here in Colorado.  We've got a lot of exciting new moodules; and I'm responsible for compiling intense music for a powerful state-change experience as part of this week.

    It's a dull life here in Boulder... surrounded by mind-numbing theory, enslaved by office-ILP, and constantly being pushed to transform by my community...  how did I get here?

    Welcome home everyone...

    Robert MacNaughton
    I-I IT Manager

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