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Richard Groves, Director of Anamcara Project and Author of American Book of Dying - notice slide...

Richard Groves, Director of Anamcara Project and Author of American Book of Dying - notice slide...

Richard Groves and his lovely wife Mary Groves are big Ken Wilber fans! Here he is pointing to mythic (premodern), literal (modern) and Kosmic Consciousness image to indicate holistic (postmodern and integral).  One time, during a presentation, he begged "please stop the boomeritis!" [;)] 

I enjoyed this seminar very much. In time, i will post more info. For now, here is a short description of what this seminar was about. 


Education and Training Series for the Modern Anamcara

The Sacred Art of Dying program series mirrors one of the important roles of the Anamcara: a "spiritual midwife" to the dying, especially with respect to spiritual pain. As human beings face the journey towards final release, there are common patterns of emotional and spiritual distress and demonstrated ways of alleviating this pain. The premise of the program is that all spiritual pain is ultimately related to the values of forgiveness, meaning, relatedness and hope.

Anyone, regardless of profession, spiritual background, or previous experience is welcome to participate in the core study units offered through the Sacred Art of Dying series. For persons called to support others on their spiritual journey at the end of life, two additional levels of training and supervision invite persons to become Anamcara end-of-life practitioners. All levels of the Sacred Art of Dying series teach practical skills based on the time-tested lessons of history- but applied practically to today’s audience and needs.

The Sacred Art of Dying is based on the ancient wisdom that, for all of the support an Anamcara may provide, it is the dying who become their teachers at the end of life." From 

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