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iMove - Germany

iMove - Germany

from left to right:
front: Maria Antoniades, Alistair Langer, Ricarda Wildfoerster, Tamira Chu, Susanne Willkommen, Stefanie Tangeten, Yonca Adiguezel, Sabine Maehlmann, Diana Krawieczek
back: Jan Weinhold, Till Ammelburg, Marc Loewer, Daniel Ruedt, Niti Taechanurug, Dirk Keienburg, Jan Korte, Dennis Wittrock, Florian (?)
About iMove
“integral Move” or "iMove" represents the Gen X/Y in the German "Integral Forum".The group was founded in December 2003 in Heidelberg as a European response to the formation of "iNext" in the USA. Its members come from all over Germany and Austria. iMove has continually grown and has 30-40 members now.The group meets 3-4 times a year and has pioneered a 5-day ILP retreat in the summer 2005. The next retreat will be in August in Bischofsheim.The two co-cordinators are Susanne Willkommen and Alistair Langer.

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André Klein said:

for more information on current German aqal-affairs, see also:



pop, prose and poetry as a panoptical potpourri of the present:

these links are subject to the linguistic no-man's land, where German and English fuse in the name of their missing links. In the case of babylonic babbling fits, you may use the dictionary for your convenience, but it is highly recommended by the Transnational Vast Sky Institute, to see the different frequency's source arise from the same spot through time and space.



i really love what you're doing with IN.
there's much water, culture, language between
still we all stay put
in the blink of an eye

all b blessed
8:32 AM on August 3, 2006

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