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Jim Roi - New York

Jim Roi - New York

From: Jim Roi
Subject: Quaternities/Trinities

Hello,This is a question that has interested and a little disturbed me for a long time. Almost all the times when Ken starts out speaking of the four quadrants it very quickly gets reduced to the "Big Three".  My concern is that there is some sort of unnecessary distinction here.  I guess it goes against my sense of Occam’s razor.  I love the Big Three and think there is some sort of simplicity to be gained by staying within a Trinitarian schema.  I feel there is something missing in Ken's appreciation of the vedantic distinction of reality as being made up of the three Gunas--sattva, rajas and tamas. I've never heard or read him giving his take on this  mode of articulating spirit  which is at the heart of the Vedas, Vedantism, Yoga, Advaita Vedanta etc. and should be fully developed and integrated with the Big three.  I'm also not aware of any place where Ken really pays attention to the notion of samskaras which again should be updated and integrated into postmodern, post structuralist philosophy, psychology and spirituality. Did he do this somewhere and I just missed it?  Beyond that I just want to say thank you to Ken and everybody for all the amazing work you are doing.

Peace and Love

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