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Beth Richards - Alabama

Beth Richards - Alabama

Chapter 1 call on IMP

Listen to Beth Richard and Ken Wilber

Question from Beth Richards.

Re: "...holon's address = its altitude + perspective...all of this is important because it relates to being able to "prove" the existence of anything, whether a rock, a proposition, or God..." (p. 54)
Can this be related to the Pauli Exclusion Principle in quantum mechanics?  Can two events have the same address?
To put this in people or event terms each of us has a given set of properties or altitude (who we are) and our own spin or perspective therefore no two of us can occupy the same slot in life or the same holon address.  If we were all the same and had the same spin we would all pile up on the lowest energy level available and this would be a pretty dull life.
This is the basis for order in the universe, and a condition that life could not exist without.  There would be no periodic table.

The part that gets creepy in quantum physics is that this implies instant communication that most of us don't understand. When an electron walks into a bar it somehow knows without looking which bar stools it can occupy. When a second blindfolded electron walks into the bar it somehow knows all of the other occupants and where they are sitting. The second electron also knows where it should sit at the bar for best service.  Proof of the existence of a rock or God?

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