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Tom Bougtsy - Wyoming

Tom Bougtsy - Wyoming

Speaking on States...

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Tom's question copied from his email to ISC-

Ken, I have been contemplating that two major routes to Nondual awareness seem possible and appear helpful to differentiate in regards to states of consciousness.  For the sake of discussion, I label these the “masculine” and the “feminine” routes, as portrayed in the attached figure.
    The traditional, masculine route proceeds towards emptiness, but with great duress, since the journey seems counterintuitive to people attached to survival in the realm of form.  To let go of all form, upon which human life depends and proceed into emptiness, appears to invite death.  On the other hand, the feminine route that relies on unitive experiences that connect us in oneness with our self, others, the Earth, cosmos, and deity provides a route more natural with our everyday experience.  For instance, when we awaken to our oneness with the cosmos along the feminine route (e.g., Big Mind), our connection with all form makes the connection with emptiness seem less daunting. 
• Do you think that a feminine route, seeking oneness as its priority that then leads to emptiness, in contrast to the traditional more masculine route, seeking emptiness that then encompasses oneness with form, both exist as viable options on the journey to Nondual awareness?
• If so, in what ways do you think the two routes can complement and integrate productively, so the oneness and fullness of the feminine path and the emptiness and infinite freedom sought by the masculine path can facilitate spiritual awakenings?
• Do you think the feminine route, as a path that appears more natural to human functioning, may actually serve to accelerate our progress towards Nondual awareness?
• Do the major religious traditions, although founded and propagated largely by men, all offer spiritual practices that seek oneness and communion consistent with a more feminine path?
• In efforts to promote sustainability, do we now need to prioritize feminine practices, including spiritual practices that promote oneness and communion in order to balance the prevailing masculine agency and individualism that have strongly influenced religious traditions and cultural development for millennium?
• Could a spiritual map be developed that outlines and honors practices from different Spiritual traditions, including practices along both the masculine and feminine routes, so we can help people make more informed choices regarding their particular spiritual path, and at the same time, promote their growth in conscious development?
• Would it be possible for the Integral Spiritual Center to take the lead to develop such a comprehensive map to help accelerate humanity on the journey towards spiritual awakenings and towards a healthy, sustainable future? 
In addition, I want to thank you for offering this venue for reaching and inspiring so many pioneering people to explore your book and the cutting edge of consciousness, and in this process, initiate a forum to help people collaborate and hopefully work to create an evolvable future.

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