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  • Death of Michael Jackson - Genius, Insanity & Eternal Love

    So many are grieving and experiencing conflicted feelings about the death of Michael Jackson. I wrote a poem about contemplations on the judgments we make about the value of human souls. From an Integrally Informed Consciousness, we see good and bad, better and worse, but we also see through to pure Spirit in all. Michael Jackson - Genius, ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by bohemianmama on June 26, 2009
  • Re: What feature would you most like to see on

    Let's spend some time organizing the site so new stuff can be easily found.&nbsp; Set up a menu and archives like integral naked.&nbsp; I would spend more time here at ISC if it were easier to find things and navigate around the site. Thanks.
    Posted to Polls (Forum) by bohemianmama on November 25, 2007
  • Re: What happened to Steve Frazee?

    The quote from is ''Integral Institute is now searching for a CEO, our first official CEO (not a temporary and acting CEO, as we have now, and whose contract was for 6 months, ending in January). In other words, this is the chance to be the first CEO in the history of the first truly integral organization in history.'' So Steve is only ...
    Posted to Interplay (Forum) by bohemianmama on December 4, 2006
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