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  • Re: Holy Shit! I-I Endorses Holosync!

    Has anyone tried both Holosync and Hemisync? Any thoughts on the dif?
    Posted to Embodied Practice (Forum) by 1235813 on September 17, 2007
  • Self Reflection or Kelli & Stu

    A home &amp; garden type mag ran a blurb on in which the photographer uses one model, not herself, to show how people relate to each other and/or to themselves. &nbsp; It's a little like Stuart Davis relating to different aspects of himself.&nbsp; Like SD, this photographer poses questions of gender rolls, moods, sexuality, and ...
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by 1235813 on August 4, 2007
  • Re: Photo Thread: Revolutions

    Tiki, great deal and thanks for sharing.&nbsp; Nice to hear something good. Starting to get cool in the soutern U.S. (we think 65F is way too cold) and I was thinking of taking my hummingbird feeders down soon.&nbsp; I'll leave them up a while longer in case a late migrating tikibird passes through. Keep up the good work and thanks for the upbeat
    Posted to Interplay (Forum) by 1235813 on October 5, 2006
  • Re: what's with the advertising?

    Timelody, you are a hoot!&nbsp; Cant believe I missed the hand-bag opportunity. &nbsp; I agree that if advertising were tasteful and allowed to evolve gradually it could branch out to a new sector of integral advertising agency.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
    Posted to Nugget Box (Forum) by 1235813 on September 19, 2006
  • Re: what's with the advertising?

    I couldnt tell you the last 12 things that Billy Mays has hawked on TV. &nbsp;Hes the reason God put a mute button on the remote, and gave us small bladders. &nbsp; In case we havent exported this fine bit of U.S. culture to those of you overseas yet, hes a guy who advertises various things on television by YELLING!!!!&nbsp; If we have ...
    Posted to Nugget Box (Forum) by 1235813 on September 18, 2006
  • Re: The 9/11 Truth Movement

    Oh Davidd, you have Tony.&nbsp; Granted he has a few more brain cells than some world leaders.&nbsp; Ahem. &nbsp; Unfortunately pre 9/11, and possibly still (Im out of the game), it was easy for a published threat to get through the system. &nbsp;There are always tons of threats and mere humans weed out the credible and pass the supposedly ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by 1235813 on September 13, 2006
  • Re: Why are you participating here?

    All hail Queen Mary! &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
    Posted to Embodied Practice (Forum) by 1235813 on September 12, 2006
  • Re: Why are you participating here?

    Nobody would mistake me for a teacher, but I'm glad to learn from y'all.&nbsp; I'm picking up vocab every night.&nbsp; I'm a seeker and comfy with that. How's that Integralcrackho emoticon looking?
    Posted to Embodied Practice (Forum) by 1235813 on September 12, 2006
  • Re: Return of the Prodigal Son

    Thanks M!&nbsp; I would love to get to know some posters better.&nbsp; Where I work now we would all be considered mad.&nbsp; Mega conservative.&nbsp; Owner of the company has lunch at the White House.&nbsp; Tolerance is an ugly word.&nbsp; Big Brother watches the net so I can only post from home.&nbsp; Sorry for the delay.&nbsp; &nbsp; I ...
    Posted to Embodied Practice (Forum) by 1235813 on September 12, 2006
  • Re: Mother Mary

    Odd how similar she is even in quite different cultures. &nbsp;I dont have visions but she is never far from how I picture her.&nbsp; A woman for every occasion and a woman for every people.&nbsp; For a long time now I've wanted an artist in glass to make a beautiful BVM for me from clear glass but pregnant with a blue &amp; green planet earth
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by 1235813 on September 10, 2006
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