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  • Re: international connection in a musical context

    It's Detante', just what Nixon/Kissenger did with the Soviets.&nbsp; ANYTHING to lessen tension.&nbsp; Jong doesn't want to be the next Hussein, so he's playing ball.&nbsp; It will all happen very slowly, but it's a huge step towards freedom for Jong's subjects and a lessening of miltary threat against South Korea and Japan.&nbsp;
    Posted to Interplay (Forum) by markevans on March 15, 2008
  • Re: 赤い探知器

    Dear Interline,You are correct that isolationist Blues (which is what I see as the perspective of the article you linked) hate Barnett.&nbsp; Greens hate him too.&nbsp; They see him as just another ''neo-con.''&nbsp; Like most Integal theorists, he is either disliked or misunderstood by all the first tier stages.I had to get over my Green ...
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by markevans on March 9, 2008
  • Re: When lords of orange topple a red dictator, does indigo applaud?

    Have you read his book?&nbsp; Your tone suggests you are familar with him.&nbsp; It's been my experience that his articles don't really convey what he's trying to put forth.&nbsp; Not just me, but everyone in our Salon, including the leader, who's read the book, likes it and thinks he's Integral.&nbsp; What's more integral than proposing economic ...
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by markevans on March 8, 2008
  • Re: When lords of orange topple a red dictator, does indigo applaud?

    No one above blue applauds a war, that said, lots of cultures have been raised up by losing a war.&nbsp; War Lords bring tribal people up to Red.&nbsp; Empires conquer warlords and make them blue (Pax Romana).&nbsp; Corporate States conquer Empires (WWII).&nbsp; Integral leadership should now be carefully removing despots and rogue states and start
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by markevans on March 8, 2008
  • Re: Bill Harris and Genpo Roshi in L.A.

    Hi Everybody,I said I'd write about this and I finally am.&nbsp; I won't say the experience was ineffable, but not a lot of words come to mind or fingertips (not that I'm such a great writer anyway).&nbsp; A few other attendees posted some ''descriptions'' at Bill Harris' blog, which pretty much boiled down to ''it was good, you ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by markevans on February 24, 2008
  • Near UVA Ultra Clear Super Mind

    Do we have a vocabulary problem here that is getting worse?&nbsp; Warning: this is a bit of a rant.&nbsp; I hate the arbitrary colors.&nbsp; What I hate even more is A SECOND COLOR SCHEME!&nbsp; I have to teach this stuff to people and this nutty, ever changing vocabulary hurts our credibility.&nbsp; I'll&nbsp; have (in the same room), people ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by markevans on January 22, 2008
  • Re: Neale Donald Walsch Interview

    I wish my dad could read Walsh.&nbsp; He fell off the conveyer belt years ago and I'm the only one in the family that's gotten back on.
    Posted to The Frothy Edge (Forum) by markevans on January 22, 2008
  • Re: your human being

    The holon called ''Mark'' lovesNachos with cheeseBurritos with avacadoMeat grilled over a wood fireSwimming nakedGoing to the coastFairyfaye and here postsDry, cool breezes in the summerAgentic behaviorFeminine flowModels of behavior and existanceTight, rythmic, psycodelic rock with backing vocalsThomas Barnett's ''proposal'' to reduce war (book: ...
    Posted to Interplay (Forum) by markevans on January 19, 2008
  • Re: Reincarnation

    A past life experience would be an altered state that would be interperted through our current, normal state/stage/consciousness/life experience.&nbsp; Since all of that is terran, we would predict that most altered state experiences would appear terrian.When someone has an altered state experience that appears to be in Earth's past, we call it a ...
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by markevans on January 14, 2008
  • Re: miracles, crystals, e.t. abductions, psi, and such

    I recently read IN Contributer, Dr. Jenny Wade's book Transcendant Sex.&nbsp; She gets into this in a big way.&nbsp; Also, Ken has occasionally talked about ''dark matter'' and how ''it makes up 90% of the universe and we know almost nothing about it.''&nbsp; Not knowing what it was, I looked it up on wikkipedia.&nbsp; I think it was mentioned in ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by markevans on January 12, 2008
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