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  • Finally, this thread goes on

    Hi I-I and all, it's been a while since I passed my exam. I kind of promised to continue this thread and I will try to&nbsp;share some thoughts here that I think could fit in the integral overall scheme. You should know by now that my thinking is slightly uhm unconventional sometimes. Hope it's okay. Just tell me if you feel disgusted&nbsp;or ...
    Posted to Interplay (Forum) by witz78 on May 1, 2008
  • Re: Random clips - Remix

    TOOL - Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)&nbsp;
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by witz78 on May 1, 2008
  • Re: Random Pictures for No Particular Reason

    disco fever ^^
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by witz78 on April 30, 2008
  • Re: Random clips - Remix

    Well, you know, riding the batcar is like riding a rodeo horse. Better stay on top! You wanna ride it too? Start your own thing and go for it! Everybody can do it. Look: :-)
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by witz78 on April 28, 2008
  • Re: Random clips - Remix

    Oahaha! Good job, Batcar, now drive me home. Hey! What are you doing? Where do you lead me? What? Downtwon Boulevard! Oh why not let's drive the Boulevard up and down, slowly, with the top down, stereo pumpin', winking at the girls, singing 'I'll be waiting'. Yeah, that's cool. Oahaha! ;P witz
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by witz78 on April 28, 2008
  • Random clips - Remix;&nbsp;&nbsp; Last night a DJ saved my life - Indeep Daddy cool - Boney M. Love, Christophe
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by witz78 on April 28, 2008
  • Re: hissin' and kissin'

    Howdy BB! You're welcome. What a wonderful, inspiring post of yours! You saved my day. I appreciate your good humor and creativity! It's a pleasure to do a voyage with you ;-) Wilson Picket is amazing! Soul vibrations galore.&nbsp;He brought another great soul singer to my mind (they say he's a son of a preacherman) and his name is Marvin Gaye.
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by witz78 on April 26, 2008
  • Re: dissin' and sniffin'

    Yah alright. So you don't like people who are mean and hostile. That's fine. So do I. So when 'All is full of love', then tell me what's the problem here? Can't we all just enjoy the sunshine and sniff at flowers for the rest of our life? You see, I can be sarcastic, too. All I did in the above post is to confront you with statements of yours that
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by witz78 on April 25, 2008
  • Re: Random Pictures for No Particular Reason

    vroom vroom
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by witz78 on April 24, 2008
  • dissin' and pissin'

    witz78: Tsk Tsk Tsk Mr. integralboy Don't be so emotional, that's not good for your blood pressure. integralboy:I would like to become a super hero's sidekick. I have designed the cape and everything. witz78: So you wanna be someone's sidekick? Do you need a permission to be your own superhero?Kryptonite Why don't you try to be ...
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by witz78 on April 24, 2008
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