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Who is Sofia Diaz?

Sofia Diaz is a gifted teacher of hatha yoga, sacred movement, and feminine spiritual practice, deriving her style of teaching and body philosophy from the South Indian temple arts and their accompanying scriptures. Along with 23 years of intensive study and daily practice of several traditions of yoga, she has apprenticed with dance and music masters of the Balasaraswati lineage of Bharata Natyam since 1982.

She has founded a school of hatha yoga and sacred movement arts in Boulder Colorado, housed as "Prasad", a yoga studio. She holds a bachelor's degree in dance from Mills College in Oakland, California and a master's degree in religious studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She lectures on the embodiment principles of religious culture based in the examination of sacred movement; she has taught as a guest lecturer at many universities as well as developed coursework designed to take into account somatic understanding in the academic setting. She has most recently taught in the Department of Somatic Psychology at Naropa University and the University of Colorado in Boulder while developing a program of hatha yoga and sacred dance as intersubjectively transmitted arts. She has been written on yoga and sacred movement for both academic and popular journals, and travels frequently teaching women's yoga and "spiritualized body" intensives throughout the United States, Australia, Europe and India.

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