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Who is Bert Parlee?

Offering leadership and other trainings around the world, Dr Parlee is a licensed clinical psychologist with private psychotherapy and executive/personal life coaching practices in Mill Valley, California. From its inception, Bert has been a vital part of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute in Colorado, where he also works as a large group trainer and facilitator. He has facilitated and co-trained with Don Beck at Spiral Dynamics seminars, and is a founding partner of Integral Development Associates, offering management consultation, leadership training and executive coaching. He also serves as a training facilitator and executive coach with the Stagen Leadership Institute in Dallas. Bert teaches at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, and for the Organizational Psychology Coaching program at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasanton, California and the Organizational Psychology MBA program at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Bert honored in Political Science from the University of New Brunswick in 1977, and has a MA in contemplative psychology from Naropa University, 1984. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, 1993.

Bert has appeared on Integral Naked:

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Guardians of the Good2/12/2007
Nonviolence, Genocide, and the Quest for a U.S. Department of Peace: An Integral Exploration1/29/2007
A Somatic Approach to Leadership.  Part 1.  The Importance of “Body” in Body, Mind, and Spirit, in Self, Culture, and Nature1/1/2007
The Direct Approach. Part 3. Shadow, Responsibility, and the Great Indifference.11/26/2006
The Direct Approach. Part 2. Like a Snap of the Finger.10/16/2006
Cross Training and Psychotherapy7/31/2006
Integral Life Practice and Psychotherapy7/24/2006

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