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Who is Helen Titchen Beeth?

Helen Titchen Beeth was born in the United Kingdom, but identifies herself as European rather than British. She is a linguist by profession and has worked as a translator for the EU Commission in Brussels for nearly 20 years. Unofficially, Helen operates as an “imaginal cell” (or underground change agent,) introducing AQAL thinking wherever she can, connecting with others throughout the the EU Commission in order to sow the integral seeds in the hope that this institution can truly live up to its full potential as a healer and harmonizer in the world.

She first discovered integral thought with A Brief History of Everything in 1996, when she was "getting her brain back" after the birth of her twins. She now has a steady integral life practice, as evidenced by her blog, and is an enthusiastic participant in the virtual integral community wherever she can find it. In her words: “I can bear witness to the power of the on-line sangha to support and enhance personal evolution. My favourite haunt is the London Integral Circle (LIC to insiders). Father Christmas has not yet brought me a thriving integral community in Brussels, and what with the demands of a full-time job and school-aged kids, I have never been able to get to the London events. So: integral in exile.”

Helen Titchen has appeared on Integral Naked:

Integral and the European Union. Part 2. Community, Dialogue, and the Vagaries of Wyatt Earpy.9/11/2006
Integral and the European Union. Part 1. Linguistics and Altitude.8/7/2006

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