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Who is Richard Strozzi-Heckler?

Richard Strozzi-Heckler holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, is a 6th Degree black belt in Aikido, and has been teaching somatic coaching, aikido, and leadership over the last twenty-five years. He is co-founder of the Lomi School, Strozzi Institute, and the Two Rock Aikido dojo. He is a successful writer, having published four books including: the classic The Anatomy of Change; In Search of the Warrior Spirit, which chronicles how his teaching helped an Army Special Forces unit dramatically increase its measurable performance; and most recently Holding the Center, Sanctuary in a Time of Confusion.

Richard coaches senior executives in embodying new leadership skills. He has worked with executives of companies such as The World Bank, Cemex Corp., AT&T;, Cargill, as well as officers in the US Marine Corps, Navy Seals, and Army Special Forces. His approach is based on the somatic (body-action) approach which he outlines in his book The Anatomy of Change.

Richard’s approach enables us to shift our abilities and open up possibilities for new abilities, through awareness and focus on how our bodies enable or prevent capacities for action. Leadership, in this perspective, is the ability to move with others in a way that produces certain results: a compelling vision of the future, trust for the leader and team members, a commitment to excellence, and the ability to produce effective action to fulfill the vision. In Richard’s coaching, we can build our ability to produce these results by shifting the range of leadership actions we can make.

Richard offers courses, including Somatics and Leadership, and consults with corporations, businesses, and executive teams. He has worked with thousands of individuals, including CEO’s, managers, gang kids, professional athletes, psychologists and health professionals.

Richard has appeared on Integral Naked:

A Somatic Approach to Leadership.  Part 1.  The Importance of “Body” in Body, Mind, and Spirit, in Self, Culture, and Nature1/1/2007

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