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Who is Rob McNamara?

Rob has contributed to the operations and content development for the Integral Institute in varying capacities over the past five years. Presently he is serving as one of the core faculty presenters for the Integral Life Practice seminars, leading presentations on Focus Intensity Training (with Shawn Phillips), Nutrition, and the Three Body Kata. He has also served as a coach for a few of the ILP seminars.

Rob McNamara got his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Susquehanna University with a minor concentration in Psychology, as well as a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. He has primarily applied this training into 3 major areas of his life: education, athletics and business.

He been lecturing on Integral Psychology and Human Development at Naropa University over the past 5 years for both graduate and undergraduate students in a number of academic and professional programs, including the Transpersonal and Contemplative Psychology programs.

Rob is currently running a small intensive Integral Performance Consulting practice where he's worked with several World Champion and Olympic coaches in assisting their athletes with an integrated approach to solving performance and development issues, along with a few hand picked clients. Over the past 3 years he has been applying his consulting work to business and leadership development.

His other work within the business sector includes the Stagen Leadership Institute where he has helped develop and deploy integrally informed executive curriculum over the past few years. Presently he is leveraging integrated business strategies and developing leading edge strength training modalities as the Senior Integral Consultant and Human Performance Specialist for Phillips Performance Nutrition.

Rob has appeared on Integral Naked:

The FIT Core Cycle5/21/2007
Record, Review, and Release Your Workout5/21/2007
The Importance of Rest and Recovery5/7/2007

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