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Who is Tim Black?

Tim received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of British Columbia in 2003 where he was first introduced to Ken Wilber's Integral Theory. Since then, Tim has been an avid student of Wilber's work and attended Integral Institute's inaugural Integral Psychotherapy workshop in August 2004. Tim currently teaches in the University of Victoria's (UVic) graduate counseling psychology program in Victoria, BC, Canada and is a published author in the areas of trauma, group counseling, and applied Integral theory in counseling ethics. Tim's most recent written contribution, an article examining the qualitative/quantitative debate in the social sciences, will appear in an upcoming issue of AQAL Journal.

Tim has been informally involved with the Integral Psychotherapy Center at I-I since 2004, taking part in conference calls with Ken and others regarding various writing projects and the application of Integral Theory to counseling psychology. He is a specialist in the fields of trauma, military to civilian transition for Canadian veterans, and group counseling. He is currently President-elect of the Counselor Educator's Chapter of the Canadian Counseling Association and is a Registered Psychologist in the province of British Columbia.

Over the last two years and as a regular faculty member at UVic, Tim has been part of an advisory group involved in an innovative and collaborative project to create a graduate level Aboriginal counseling program founded on aboriginal ways of knowing, on aboriginal pedagogy and with an appreciation of the devastating impact of colonialization on the First Nations of the province of British Columbia and Canada as a whole. As part of this advisory group, Tim has had the privilege of learning about First Nations issues from leaders in Aboriginal education, elders, community members, and spiritual teachers. As such, he himself is very much a student of First Nation's culture in Canada and in no way speaks for any Aboriginal group.

As Tim struggled to find a way to incorporate an Integral perspective into his learning about First Nation's culture applied to the discipline of counseling psychology, he sought advice from Ken regarding his knowledge of any First Nation's leaders currently applying an Integral framework within their communities. Ken asked if Tim would like to chat about it, and Tim‘s first contribution to Integral Naked was the result.

Tim has appeared on Integral Naked:

Indigenous Cultures in the Modern World.  Part 2.  Where Worlds Collide.3/3/2008
Indigenous Cultures in the Modern World. Part 1.  Is Integral Theory Another Expression of Colonialism?12/31/2007

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