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Who is Mark Palmer?

Mark Palmer is a founding member and Program Coordinator of Integral Institute. A native of Steubenville, Ohio, he received a full-tuition scholarship and graduated from Ohio State University with a B.A. in Social & Behavioral Science and a minor in Anthropology. His background includes Economics, Social Theory, Cultural Studies, and Human Evolution. Concurrently, he is the Development Analyst for Wendy‘s International Inc., headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, serving a number of roles to assist with development planning, market research, demographics, and store design.

During the early years of his college career, Mark began an intense exploration of integral studies, combining a number of disciplines from African-American studies to astrophysics to philosophy to comparative religion. He later established a rhythm of practice and study that would form the basis of an integral transformative practice, culminating in a lifelong commitment to the great wisdom traditions and their updating for the modern and postmodern world. His other interests include dancing, resistance training, creative writing, and music.

Mark is also an expert on the works of Ken Wilber, and has written extensively, for private circulation, on the application of Wilber‘s work to numerous disciplines. Mark is the senior editor of The Simple Feeling of Being: Visionary, Spiritual, and Poetic Writings. As an ombudsman for Integral University, Mark can be found wandering the online halls of that institution, wondering how to improve it....

Mark has appeared on Integral Naked:

Beyond Race and Racism: An Integral Approach10/27/2003

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