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Who is Lucinda Vardey?


Lucinda Vardey is a spiritual teacher and writer who has merged the meditative philosophies of the East with the contemplative tradition of the West, resulting in the practice of a "Christ-Centered Yoga." Lucinda's teachings emphasize the feminine dimension of the divine, and her writings address the search for higher meaning in the midst of work and the mundane world.

Lucinda is author of the New York Time bestseller A Simple Path, a book about Mother Theresa's teachings, and The Flowering Of The Soul, a compilation of 240 prayers running the spectrum from Sappho's supplication to Aphrodite to a Buddhist nun's practice of Bodhicitta to the contemplative arts of medieval Christian mystics. She is also a co-founder of the Catherine Collective, a not-for-profit organization named for St. Catherine of Siena, an outspoken critic of the 14th-century Church. The collective's goal is to promote an understanding of Anima, "the emerging life-giving force of feminine divine energy," and to offer aid to the women of war torn Afghanistan.

Born in England to a creative family of writers, artists, and musicians, Lucinda migrated to Canada in 1970 to pursue a career as a book publicist. From a large office in Toronto she founded her own company of international literary agents and developed a satellite division in London and an affiliate branch in Sydney, Australia. Making headlines when she negotiated the first million-dollar advance in Canadian publishing history and enjoying resounding professional success with a portfolio of prominent and best-selling writers, Lucinda's life took a dramatic turn after she became gravely ill and decided to sell her companies, choosing to devote her time to the spiritual path.

Trained as an experiential teacher and gestalt facilitator, Lucinda studied yoga in a Hindu ashram and from this practice and her affinity for contemplative Christianity pioneered a teaching approach that posits Christ as Guru and incorporates devotional postures and meditation techniques. Additionally, Lucinda offers non-denominational soul development weekend retreats in Canada and weeklong summer pilgrimages where participants are invited to enter into a series of processes designed to deepen their experience of the spiritual life.

In collaboration with her husband, John Dalla Costa (a co-founder of the Canadian Center for Ethical Organization), Lucinda has launched a website, Dallaluce, which represents an ongoing partnership dedicated to bringing transpersonally-informed consulting services, writings, and retreats to a global audience and to provide products (posters, journals, and recordings) to support and strengthen spiritual practice.

Presently on the faculty of the Toronto Transpersonal Therapy Center's Living Spirit three-year program, Lucinda divides her time between Canada and her home in Tuscany, Italy, where she leads summer retreats and workshops.

Lucinda's books include:

God In All Worlds
Vintage (1996, reprint)

A Simple Path: The Teachings of Mother Teresa Of Calcutta
Ballantine Books (1997)

The Flowering Of The Soul: A Book Of Prayers By Women
Beacon Press (2002)

Belonging: A Questioning Catholic Comes To Terms With The Church
Key Porter Books (1988)

Lucinda has appeared on Integral Naked:

Be Still in the World1/1/2007
Talking To and With God12/25/2006
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