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Who is Marinus Jan Marijs?

Marinus Jan Marijs, or just "Rinus" to friends, lives in the Southwest Netherlands and brings a wonderful depth of experience with subtle energies to any discussion on spirituality.

Rinus is currently working on a film documentary on subtle energies and auras. This documentary will give a visual representation of how these subtle energies look for someone who can see them, and will also explore how these energies are layered, differences in colors, intensity, movement pattern, substructures, pulsating aura colors, the chakra/nadi system, the meaning of the colors and so on.

He also explains that the existence of subtle energies has important theoretical implications, such as: these energies are non-physical and are the carrier of consciousness after death; they are related to spiritual development; there are different colors for different groups of developmental lines; many mystics have observed auras; they can help address the relation of the chakra system to Descartes' mind-body problem, and so on.

Rinus reports that the ability to see subtle energies is directly related to his mystical development. At the age of 19 he had a mystical experience on a high subtle level, which triggered a kundalini awakening after which he started to see subtle energies/auras. At the age of 24 he had a mystical experience on a low causal level, which Buddhism calls the Arhat level. At the age of 29 he had a high causal experience, and after that there was nirvikalpa samadhi, not as a temporary peak experience but as a permanent, ongoing experience. From that moment the kundalini became continuous. In his forties the turiya state was a common experience. At the age of 51 the turiyatita state was revealed, and Rinus' growth and exploration continues to this day!

Marinus Jan has appeared on Integral Naked:

Is the Ability to See Auras Necessary for Permanent Realization?5/9/2005

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