Who is Eric Giesbrecht?

Eric Giesbrecht made the plunge into the professional cooking scene only five years ago after an extended period of study and travel which lasted almost a decade. His inquisitiveness led him to tour the entirety of Europe, living for prolonged periods in France, Poland and Austria, all the while cultivating a curiosity for all things culinary. During a period of intense isolation and introspection, Eric came to perceive that, quite possibly, what he was looking for was what was doing the looking. Enchanted by the piercing simplicity of the experience, Eric set out to return home, satisfied with his desire to surrender to a new awareness that this realization was pointing towards.

Within months, Eric left school, fell in love (with his present wife), and became seduced by the mystique of professional kitchens and the explanatory power of Integral theory. Now, with the goal of further synthesizing these two great passions, integrally-informed cuisine has arisen!

To help further establish this unique approach, Eric has set out on his own, away from the pressures and demands of industrial kitchens, to work as a private chef and consultant to those who wish to create a more balanced cuisine which recognizes and integrates the accumulated knowledge that humanity has access to. It is an approach that honors the transcendent nature of the human experience and aims to help bring the body-mind into a fuller expression of the Spirit from which it arises.

“Integral Cuisine” seeks to inspire the soul, sustain the body and serve the Spirit. It is an approach that addresses not only the intent behind the preparation of food, but the intent behind its consumption as well. Through his work, Eric wishes to explore the incredibly intimate relationship that exists between those who cook and those who eat, and he currently endeavors to engage cooking and eating as a spiritual practice.

Are you a foodie? Eric would love to hear from you! You can reach him at chefmystic@integralcuisine.com the website of which is still under, uh, preparation....

Eric has appeared on Integral Naked:

Taste the Love in Food10/3/2005