Who is Tami Simon?


Tami Simon is the founder and president of Sounds True, an audio/video/music publisher dedicated to disseminating spiritual wisdom, based in Boulder, Colorado. With a background in religious studies and community public radio, Tami began Sounds True at the age of 22, and over the last 18 years has served as executive producer of over 600 titles. Twice nominated for the Inc 500 list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, Sounds True mails over 2 million catalogs each year and is North America's leading publisher of spoken-word spiritual teachings.

Tami has appeared on Integral Naked:

Really Genuine Tears1/30/2006
Autocracy in Communion (Remastered)6/28/2004
Mixing Business and Pleasure (Remastered)6/21/2004
Multiple Bottom Lines (Remastered)6/14/2004
Making Love at Work (Remastered)5/31/2004
What's a Perfect Spiritual Teacher?8/4/2003