Who is Linda Groves-Bonder?


Linda Groves-Bonder is a founding member of Integral Institute and, along with husband Saniel Bonder, is a teacher of “The White-Hot Way of Waking Down in Mutuality,” or, simply, “Waking Down.” She also doubles as a professional jazz singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, serving as co-owner with Saniel of the Extraordinary Empowerments holding company, which provides intensive Waking Down in Mutuality programs and residential retreats, hosts Tantra of Trust workshops on spirituality and sexual intimacy, enriches the lives of individuals and organizations via the Matter Magic consultancy, and also provides herbal supplements for evolutionary transformation through 21st Century Herbs.

Linda was raised in a large, musically gifted Catholic family in the Midwest. Her grandfather was a recording artist and radio performer, and as a child Linda sang along to her father’s phonograph records before finding inspiration in such female legends as Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, and Bonnie Raitt. She trained in opera, theater, and art, and became a favorite of club owners, critics, columnists, and producers in the San Francisco area in the late 70’s. She performed in civic light opera, rock bands, and cabaret, and shared her original songs in the acclaimed musical group Hellman & Groves, as well as in her one-woman show, before leaving the stage in the 80s to pursue a career in art, photography, and, eventually, the Waking Down process.

Even as a young child, Linda had recognized inconsistencies in the teachings of her native Catholicism, and in adult life was never attracted to join any formal spiritual organization, preferring the experiential path of learning life lessons through meditation, reading, and attending various seminars and teachings. From her childhood, her intuitional support and compassionate counseling of others took place very naturally. Upon attending Saniel’s meditation gatherings in October 1994, she was deeply attracted to his work and grew quickly in the process, experiencing a major breakthrough in August of 1996. Since then she has been assisting Saniel in all aspects of their work, and has come into her own as a brilliant teacher and adept of Waking Down in Mutuality.

For the last two years, while maintaining her Waking Down teaching work and Saniel's and her business ventures, Linda returned to the stage as a singer, dancer, and percussionist with an international touring band. She recently resigned to focus with Saniel on new expansions of their Extraordinary Empowerments work, including her own first book, which is forthcoming in 2006. She and Saniel reside in California.

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