There Isn’t Any Integral Political Out There....  
Jim Garrison
Jim Garrison, chairman and president of the State of the World Forum, continues his riveting overview of the international political situation in the wake of Iraq. (Part I aired on August 18th.)

The dire state of international affairs is exacerbated by the fact that truly integral political solutions are neither being advanced or even discussed on any sort of significant scale.

This is all the more important in the wake of an article that appeared in the European press, signed by, among others, both Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida, formerly viewed as philosophical and political antagonists. As one newspaper summarized it, “One surprising consequence of the war in Iraq is the surrender of postmodernism to a victorious modernism. This has been largely overlooked in North America. In reaction to the U.S. intervention in Iraq, Jacques Derrida, a famous postmodernist, signed on as co-author of an article drafted by the German philosopher Jürgen Habermas, previously an opponent of his, in an unmistakable endorsement of modernist Enlightenment principles. Derrida, the apostle of deconstructionism, is now advocating some decidedly constructive and Eurocentric activism.”

What this actually means is not such a victory for either modernism or postmodernism, but a faltering step toward a more integral political stance that explicitly includes Enlightenment principles (modern), but set in contexts of multicultural adjudication (postmodern), with neither of them sufficient to carry the day alone. That both Habermas and Derrida signed this type of agreement is nothing less than historical, a watershed in the rocky road to integral politics in theory and practice.

Ken highlights the necessity of this type of integral politics in the following dialogue, and Jim points out, with considerable persuasiveness, just how rare any sort of integral response has been, here or abroad. But one thing is becoming increasingly certain to individuals everywhere, as evidenced by the astonishing Habermas/Derrida accord: any approach less than integral is doomed to failure.

In that regard, Jim and Ken also discuss the core team at Integral Institute that has recently been formed in order to begin discussing the nature of a more integral world governance system or world federation. Stayed tuned to IN for more dialogues on these important developments.
transmission time: 26 minutes
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most memorable moment: “September 11 caused a regression to more reptilian impulses, and the result is a political Jurassic Park. It’s an extremely unstable and dangerous situation....”

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