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ILP is not just a combination of practices, it is an integration of practices, the ultimate in body\mind\spirit cross-training. This radically unified approach multiplies the effect of any practice you choose to engage. Besides optimizing time and energy, ILP delivers deeper results because it is tailored to you. Integral practice broadens the "practice field" with as many options as there are disciplines. It helps you avoid the dead ends and burnout common to stand alone exercises, and is exponentially more interesting, since so much more of yourself is awake and on-line in the process!

Integral Life Practice transcends narrow notions of self-improvement. It compounds growth and transformation in all dimensions of your being in the service of a genuinely universal embrace. This practice will usher you into a wider circle of wisdom, caring, and skillful action. It invites you to a depth of awareness that discloses the beauty, goodness, and truth of this and every moment. You will see more clearly and feel more deeply into the texture of your own being. This in turn leads to greater capacities of your body, mind, heart and soul, opening up entire new ways of living and being in the world.

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