Integral Sustainability 5-Day Intensive

This will be our most advanced and practical Integral Sustainability Intensive yet!

We will focus on:
developing the core skills you need to effectively use Integral in the field of sustainability
sharing the most useful tools of successful Integral practitioners
enhancing your physical, cognitive, and spiritual developmental practices so that you accomplish more in less time and with greater awareness of all the main forces that are influencing your results
customizing this material to your specific sustainability initiatives, so that you can hit the ground running the following Monday morning
analyzing case studies from leading practitioners around the world, and transferring their lessons to your sustainability work
utilizing advanced Integral communications methodology for fostering sustainable behavior
  Ken Wilber will facilitate two modules via live video-feed to respond to your trickiest issues and deepest personal and professional concerns.

7 factors that make this one of the most powerful sustainability trainings in the world
1. Most comprehensive framework in the field. Learn to recognize and respond to the dominant forces on sustainability which arise out of all major dimensions of reality: social systems and the environment, behavior and organism health, culture and worldview, and psychology and consciousness. Experience an evolution of sustainable development practice, strategy, research, assessment, and theory.
2. Profound intellectual horsepower. Ken Wilber, one of the most widely published academics in the world and hailed as the “Einstein of Consciousness,” has helped design this seminar and will be present.
3. Proven success. The Integral framework has been used in the field for nearly a decade and is currently used to transform markets toward sustainability, develop programs for United Nations agencies, and guide leaders to the farthest reaches of their physical, mental, and spiritual capacities.
4. A focus on the biggest leverage points for change. Specific attention to the intersection of government, business, and civil society as related to sustainability. Yet also customized to your particular sustainability initiative(s) and the role you play in its success.
5. Leading-edge learning. The Integral Institute learning model, tailored to your immediate issues and sustainability initiative(s).
6. World-class faculty and peers. You will work alongside, learn from, teach, network, and develop deep community with this field’s leading scholar-practitioners.
7. Big Mind. 21st century pointing out instructions that will facilitate a transpersonal state. This will provide the widest and deepest possible perspective we are aware of from which to understand yourself, your work, sustainable development, and life.
  We intend for you to return from this intensive:
literally energized in your body, mind, heart, and soul
bursting with ideas for immediate application
enmeshed in a deeper community of scholar-practitioners who are using the Integral framework worldwide
strengthened with new tools and practices to hone and enhance your professional and personal life
  About The Integral Framework for Sustainable Development

The AQAL-Integral framework allows for an integration and clarification of the crowded conceptual and operational landscape of sustainable development. It enables a synergetic, deeply tailored response to our economic, social, and ecological challenges. While in office, US President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore both endorsed a book outlining this framework (The Marriage of Sense and Soul). Currently, senior United Nations officials, sustainability and business consultants, environmental activists, and social change agents rely heavily upon it for program design, communications, and implementation. Those who have field-tested this framework over the past decade consider this to be the most comprehensive and customizable option available, one that offers the greatest chance for exceptional, sustainable success.

The Integral framework is a breakthrough in understanding, managing, and responding to complexity. It maps out and facilitates practical solutions to both the exterior complexity of human behavior and social systems, and the interior complexity of consciousness and culture. Based upon 100+ models of development from dozens of disciplines, this framework provides the most comprehensive overview to date of the interior and exterior dynamics which influence your sustainable development initiative. This more accurate map of reality will enable your team to better assess, strategize, design, communicate, and implement, on the macro-, meso- and micro scales.

We look forward to working with you soon.

Organizations Represented at the 2004 Integral Ecology and Sustainability Intensive
Advanced Energy Corporation
Asian Social Institute (Philippines)
California Institute of Integral Studies
Caribbean Institute (Suriname)
Centre for Human Ecology (Scotland)
Drishti Centre for Integral Action (Canada)
Earth Center
EMRGNC (Australia)
Engineers Without Borders
Environmental Protection Agency, US
First Asia Institute of Technologies and Humanities (Philippines) (Canada)
Inter-American Development Bank
International Foundation for Support of Entrepreneurs (Russia)
Mercy Ecology Institute
Mercy Earth Harmony Network
Naropa University, Environmental Leadership Program
Natural Profit
The Natural Step, US
Nike, Sustainable Development Program
Peak Performance Integral (South Africa)
The Permaforest Trust (Australia)
Prince of Wales’ Business and Environment Program (United Kingdom)
Royal Roads University (Canada)
Sierra Club
Sustainability Institute
Sustainable Northwest
Swinburne University, National Centre for Sustainability (Australia)
Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts
Univ. of California at Berkeley, College of Engineering
Univ. Colorado at Boulder, Leeds School of Business
Univ. of Manitoba, Natural Resources Institute (Canada)
Univ. of Tennessee, College of Architecture and Design
Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center
Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
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