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Prayers for a teacher...


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Beloved Friends,


Your prayers, loving care and concern pouring in from all corners of the world for Ken Wilber are beyond us, divine and precious.  We just cannot thank you enough. Your being right here with Ken at this time when his health has been hit the hardest is a pillar of strength to Ken, those who are closely caring for him, and all of us at Integral Institute. The chain of prayers that continues to build here in the Multiplex, and II-Zaadz is the good, true and beautiful shining through you at its best. Our dear friend Colin also will bring you updates here.


We would also love to take a moment here to thanks Brother David’s Light a Candle feature on his website which has allowed for so many to pray and contemplate in one place. Arthur, one of our dear members said “Thank you so much for linking to the candle thread.  I just lit several candles for Ken, and it feels good to take a “tangible” action, even as simple a thing as setting alight a virtual candle and sending love and prayers with it…I guess it's the ritual element.  I recommend lighting candles, it's a good thing.” Thank you all so much for holding this beautiful vigil. It has now become a daily practice for several of us. What brilliant use of technology! (If you would like to light candles, please see here)


Dearest Ken, Colin, Becca, Ken’s family/close friends, Dr. Roger Walsh, all others doctors, nurses who have been taking care of Ken and all sentient beings in need of the wealth of good health, we pray, we pray, we pray…


On another note, keep your eyes and ears open – Stuart & Marcy Davis are just about to have their second little bundle of joy. Any time now, guys! We saw them yesterday with soon-to-be big sister Arabelle and they are all simply glowing and radiant as ever.


So much Love to you All,

Deep Gratitude,

Nomali and Rollie @ ISC


PS- I made a very difficult demand of Rollie Stanich recently. I think it is time his yellow shirt here is given away. What do you think? Am i right or am I right?

Published Friday, December 08, 2006 7:52 PM by perera



jbnewton said:

This morning (10-Dec), upon logging in for the first time in a few days, I learned that Ken Wilber is ill. I searched to no avail trying to learn what is wrong with him. I have surmised that such withholding of information is intentional. If so, it is as it should be, I assume.

I prerer to be so informed. But then, perhaps such information is not appropriate, also.

Jim Newton
December 10, 2006 7:22 AM

perera said:

Hi Jim,
Ken is getting much better, we hear. He took some meds that made him have some strong, well, very STRONG, reactions. Please see the links given on the blog above for some unfolding news. But, yes, you are right-not too many medical details.

The good news is that he is getting better and we better get ready!!
Nomali @ ISC
December 10, 2006 9:33 AM
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