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Big Presence: An Interview with Diane Hamilton

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Date Added: Tue, May 08 2007

In this interview, professional mediator and Integral Institute faculty member Diane Hamilton discusses the Big Mind Process, an approach developed by Genpo Roshi that integrates psychological work with the insights of Zen. Diane also discusses the relationship of leadership to the “four pillars” of integral practice – cognitive, psycho-dynamic, spiritual, and physical – and draws on the AQAL framework to explain why conventional wisdom regarding leadership, organization, negotiation patterns, and communication and teamwork skills needs to be integrated into spiritual communities.

This piece is informed primarily by the perspectives of the UL and LL, though all quadrants are addressed. It assumes some familiarity with the AQAL model, and is therefore suitable for an intermediate to advanced audience. Topic areas include the AQAL Leadership Model, Leader Challenge Research, the “I” of Leadership, the “We” of Leadership, Organizational Steering, States and Leadership, and The Leader’s Shadow.

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