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An Integral Approach to Sustainable Consumption and Waste Reduction

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Date Added: Mon, Oct 02 2006
By: Cameron Owens

Keywords: behavior change, consumption, Integral Ecology, sustainability, waste, quadrants, developmental levels

This article aims to demonstrate how the Integral approach can be utilized to understand and potentially resolve a particular human-ecological issue. It arises out of a research project that involved examining the factors inhibiting sustainable consumption and waste reduction in the community of Calgary. The Integral approach aims to ensure that no fundamental dimensions of the problem are neglected. It beckons us to consider body, mind, and spirit in the personal, cultural, and social realms of society. [Co-Director’s note: this article appears in World Futures, 61: 96-109, 2005. The article addresses the following elements of Integral Theory: quadrants and developmental levels. – Barrett]

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BarrettBrown said:

Get the entire World Futures Journal if you can, it is entirely dedicated to applications of Integral Ecology and Integral Sustainability.
Fri, Mar 30 2007 6:11 PM
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