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Animations & Web Movies that Cultivate Care for the Environment and Human Development

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Date Added: Mon, Oct 02 2006
By: Barrett Brown

Keywords: sustainable development, integral, integrally-informed, animation, flash, video, multimedia, communication, movie, web movie, Ken Wilber, sustainability, international development, developmental psychology, communications psychology

Different value systems resonate with different communications, and different types of communication. With respect to sustainable development, this document attempts to reference some of the best flash films, web movies, and animations publicly available on the Internet which attempt to motivate people to take care of the environment, take political action around a sustainability or human development issue, or educate the public about these issues. [Co-Director's note: This list refers to the developmental levels and developmental lines (values) elements of Integral Theory, but does not offer a precise analysis of which value systems each of the multimedia pieces appear to be communicating to. - Barrett]
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