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Major Initiatives which Have Used, or are Using, the Integral Framework for Social, Environmental, and Economic Development

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Date Added: Thu, Aug 31 2006

By Barrett Brown

Keywords: Integral Framework, organizations, initiatives, UNDP, UNICEF, iSchaik Development Associates, EGG, Educate Girls Globally, Brandt21 Forum, Kosmos Journal, Caribbean Institute, Drishti Centre for Integral Action, What’s Working, Avastone Consulting, EMRGNC, Integral Africa, European Corporate Sustainability Framework, ECSF, Permaforest Trust, Learned Evolution, Chris Riedy, Andrew Barker, Milla McLachlan, Brian G. Eddy, Cameron Owens, Brian Tissot, Ard Hordijk

Numerous organizations, researchers, and consultants are proactively using the Integral framework for international development, community development, sector-wide sustainable development, business sustainability initiatives, and leadership development. This document overviews a number of these organizations and how Integral framework is being applied in each case. [Co-Director’s note: this asset describes how organizations have applied Integral Theory abroad, which can involve any or every of its elements: quadrants, developmental levels, lines, states, and types. – Barrett]

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