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Defining Sustainability: A Hundred Perspectives

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Date Added: Thu, Aug 31 2006

By Will Varey

Keywords: sustainability, definitions, sustainable development, define, list

Sustainability as an emergent concept reveals deep concerns about fundamental values and our own continued existence. While each person's definition of sustainability is seen to be the most relevant, the question is a universal one and common to all. Whether our definition of sustainability is anthropocentric, biocentric, egocentric, ecocentric, econocentric, sociocentric, worldcentric or perhaps simply personally eccentric, they are all valid. Collected here is a retrospective look at over one hundred perspectives from an evolving list of thousands of definitions of sutainability, reflecting the different conceptualizations and applications of this emergent concept. [Co-Director's Note: This piece has been compiled by Will Varey, Integral Sustainability member from Australia. It is just a collection, and is not organized in any particular way. If you would like to add your own definition to his master list, go to: - Barrett]

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